‘Saturday Night Live’ Takes on Trump’s Physical Exam, Stormy Daniels Scandal, Wonders if Anything Matters Anymore (Watch)

“Saturday Night Live” opened its Jan. 20 episode by taking jabs at Donald Trump’s doctor, Ronny Jackson, and the physical exam the Trump underwent that said he was 239 pounds. Opening the show was Aidy Bryant as Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee ...

Does President Trump have heart disease? A calm look at the evidence with an eye to educating the American public

A man in his seventies walks into your office for a physical exam. He is overweight ... potentially, lives. Trump underwent a coronary calcium test, which uses a CT scan to determine how much calcium is deposited in the coronary arteries.

Rachel Maddow Says Trump's Physical Exam Results Statement Could Be a Lie Because of One Small Detail

President Donald Trump underwent his first annual physical as commander in chief Friday, and Democrats were holding their breath for a negative report. Rachel Maddow thinks there's something amiss with the announcement that Trump received the all clear.

Trump's physical exam results reveal he may NOT be in 'excellent' health after all as CNN doctor Sanjay Gupta says President has heart disease

Last week, Trump, 71, underwent a thorough catalog of physical exams which longtime White House physician, Dr. Ronny L. Jackson, deemed to be a clean bill of health. Jackson revealed the President's heart health was 'excellent' for a man of his age ...