Twenty One Pilots Further Unravel The Story Of Clancy On “Jumpsuit” & “Nico And The Niners”

Getty Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph at the Grammys.

T wenty One Pilots have been keeping fans on the edge of their seats as of late, due to the fact that they’ve been teasing the release of their latest album. Billboard reports that the group sent out a mysterious email to fans who are subscribed to their newsletter on Friday, and the email read: “ARE YOU STILL SLEEPING?” with an image of a yellow eyeball.

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This is only the latest development in the Twenty One Pilots album rollout, as rumors and fan theories have been forming online for the past few months. While it remains to be seen when the untitled album will be released, or how it will be delivered to fans, there are plenty of clues that hint at what drummer Josh Dun and vocalist Tyler Joseph have in store.

Here’s what you need to know about Twenty One Pilots’ new album:

1. They First Teased the Album In 2016

The group has been building up anticipation for their album since 2016. In an interview with AltPress, Tyler Joseph spoke on group’s career trajectory and where he’d like to take things moving forward. “Looking forward to the next record, I feel a greater sense of freedom and less pressure. I felt a lot more pressure going from Vessel to Blurryface“, he said, comparing the group’s previous two albums. “It didn’t happen the way [industry people] talk about it. There wasn’t a massive single that projected into the pop charts. What we did was still different from their formula.”

Joseph continued: “I’m looking forward to what an even more confident Twenty One Pilots record sounds like. I’m not saying the songs will sound confident, I’m saying the song structures will. Lyrically, the songs will always be the same reason why I started writing them in the first place—to say things that I felt I couldn’t say in a regular context.”

While accepting the award for Most Dedicated Fan Base at the 2017 APMAs, Josh Dun said Joseph couldn’t be in attendance because he was “severing ties with Dema.” The word “Dema” means “Tower of Silence” in Iran, and many fans took it to be hint towards what their next album would entail.

This was given further attention when Wikipedia listed that the album would be called Silence, and be released on February 11th, 2018. According to PopBuzz, however, whoever edited the Wikipedia article was merely capitalizing on the rumors, and the listing was quickly deleted.

2. It’s Their First Album Since Going on Hiatus In 2015

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The last Twenty One Pilots album, Blurryface, was released in 2015, and since then, the group has made a point of staying out of the public eye. They announced that they would be staying off their social media accounts indefinitely in 2017, and gave no projected date on when they would return with new music. This led many to speculate and conjure up fan theories as to whether the group had ulterior motives for taking a hiatus.

In an AltPress shortly before their hiatus, the group revealed that they will be “going dark” to focus on new music, and that they would like to focus on lyrical content of the music, in order to bring it back to the “authenticity, lyrics, delivery, and fearlessness of songwriting” that they believe their self-titled album possessed.

In April, fans suspected that the group might return with their new album. This was largely due to a theory by Reddit user r/twentyonepilot, who claimed that Twenty One Pilots would end their hiatus after 280 days (40 weeks) because of the religious significance of the number 40 in Christianity and the faith that Joseph practices. The theory proved to be untrue.

3. It’s Rumored to Be a Concept Record

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16 Nov • Brussels, Belgium

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A prevalent theory online is that Twenty One Pilots is planning on making their upcoming release into a concept album. In April, fans discovered that the group’s online merchandise store linked to a website that initially appeared to be a dead end. That being said, one fan discovered there was a website hidden under the error clode slash “Clancy.”

The site presented random images and bits of text, which many believe to be a hint towards the direction of their album. The most cryptic of these clues was a diary entry by someone named “Clancy”:

The perplexities of the Dema horizon didn’t occur to me until my ninth year. It was then that I began to contemplate the existential, and decide what type of impression I wanted my life to make. Naturally, to fuel my hope, I looked out upon the distance of the land that had cultivated me, only this time with new awareness of the obstruction that my youthful ignorance had allowed me to overlook. Was it there the whole time? How had I not seen something so obvious? I am reminded of the moment daily, as the realization directly collides with a unique hope for my own future.

You can read the full entry here. Currently, there is an entire Reddit thread dedicated to uncovering the secret meaning of Clancy’s words, and whether they are a teaser to what Twenty One Pilots have in store.

This is not the first time that Twenty One Pilots have been linked to the concept album format. There is also a Reddit thread dedicated to the Blurryface album, and how it may loosely tell the story of the titular character, who is supposedly a manifestation of Joseph’s fears.

4. Some of the Song Titles Have Been Leaked Online

another discovery by the wonderful people over at the @DiscordClique. the two songs ‘jumpsuit’ and ‘nico and the niners’ are now appearing on different ISRC music databases. if you were doubting their authenticity, you should believe right now. these are two REAL songs.

— top today (@top__today) June 29, 2018

There’s yet to be a confirmed tracklist or lead single, but fans have noticed that a few songs have appeared briefly on the International Standard Recording Code, which, according to NME, is an identification system for songs and music videos. If the listing on the database is correct, than fans should expect to hear songs titled “Nico And The Niners” and “Jumpsuit” on the album.

Met @tylerrjoseph yesterday and got his iphone password.

— Rivers Cuomo (@RiversCuomo) July 11, 2017

In the AltPress interview, Joseph explained that he has a very specific sound in mind for the album: “I was working on something last night that I’m really excited about… Right now I think it would be a little less up-tempo than the last record. I would want to focus a little more on the lyrical content.”

The group is also rumored to be working with Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, who hinted to his involvement in a tweet last July. “Met @tylerrjoseph yesterday and got his iPhone password,” he wrote.

5. Its Rumored to Come Out In July

So Not Sure If People Have Seen This But If You Search Friday On TOP Website, This Comes Up @AltPress @twentyonepilots @joshuadun #TylerJoseph

— Carlos herrera (@Carlosrafael182) April 23, 2018

This morning, fans noticed that searching certain keywords searched on the band’s website would bring up interesting results. If you search “July,” for example the result says: “Friday alright which one of you admin f**kers Told them I’m dropping the album (43), Friday Alright who I one of you admin f**kers told them I’m dropping the album (43), Friday alright which one of you f**kers told them I’m dropping the album (43), Friday alright which one of you admin f**kers(43), Friday July 13 silent ones (43).”

While the prevailing rumor is that the album will be released on Friday, July 6th, this message has lead many to believe that July 13th is the actual release date, and some fans are just conflating the album with the clues that pertain to it.

If you go to YouTube channel 15398642_14, you will find a series of short teaser videos that range between 2 seconds to 43 minutes. All of the videos were streamed live, and you can watch the longest of the oddly titled videos above. There is also a link to an Instagram account with the username “14eillids.”

The account currently has 12 photos posted, and the name is “AMEHTANA.” When spelled in reverse, the name reads “Anathema,” which means “one who is cursed.”

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Twenty One Pilots Further Unravel The Story Of Clancy On “Jumpsuit” & “Nico And The Niners”

Twenty One Pilots Further Unravel The Story Of Clancy On “Jumpsuit” & “Nico And The Niners”

Twenty One Pilots Further Unravel The Story Of Clancy On “Jumpsuit” & “Nico And The Niners”


Twenty One Pilots Further Unravel The Story Of Clancy On “Jumpsuit” & “Nico And The Niners”

Twenty One Pilots Further Unravel The Story Of Clancy On “Jumpsuit” & “Nico And The Niners”

Twenty One Pilots Further Unravel The Story Of Clancy On “Jumpsuit” & “Nico And The Niners”

Twenty One Pilots Further Unravel The Story Of Clancy On “Jumpsuit” & “Nico And The Niners”

Twenty One Pilots Further Unravel The Story Of Clancy On “Jumpsuit” & “Nico And The Niners”