Why Week 1 Is Not An Automatic Loss

The second week of the preseason is a little bit of a comedown from the euphoria of “welcome back, football!” the week before. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things get excited about, though.

This year, the matchups are pretty dang good for a random preseason week. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers made their 2018 debuts Thursday night and — shocker of all shockers — they looked like two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

Friday was Brownsbills Day — and this time, the game was worth watching, mostly because of the two rookie quarterbacks (Baker Mayfield vs. Josh Allen). The Bills edged the Browns 19-17, ending Cleveland’s five-game preseason winning streak.

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All the top highlights from Week 2 of the NFL preseason

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Why Week 1 Is Not An Automatic Loss


Why Week 1 Is Not An Automatic Loss