Twitter Enraged By Questionable Calls In Patriots\' Favor

The old saying about how everyone loves a winner definitely doesn’t hold up when it comes to the New England Patriots. Whether it’s Deflategate, taping opposing teams’ practices or anything else, fans who hate the Pats will seize on any way to throw shade at them or come up with theories about how the NFL does things to benefit New England.

A favorite theme is the refs calling games in the Patriots’ favor. While Tom Brady and company looked every bit the far superior team on Saturday night against the visiting Tennessee Titans, there were some who just couldn’t resist implying or flat out accusing the officials of having a part in their success.

Check out this tweet by TheMMQB’s Albert Breer and then see which way the comments go.

The Patriots would probably be up regardless, but the officiating in Foxboro has been absolutely embarrassing.

— Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) January 14, 2018

You can't call anything in favor to even out this. How can someone be so dumb? The calls had a 7-14 point swing.

— Dustin Hall (@Dochrohan99) January 14, 2018

Let’s not call this on gronk but let’s call the far less one on decker

— Pedro D. Plascencia (@pdamian93) January 14, 2018

You didnt actually think the NFL was going to let the Tennessee Titans possibly beat the Patriots did you? Jags will get bent over tomorrow too just wait. Gotta get those TV ratings next week.

— Mike Bloodworth (@mikebloodworth) January 14, 2018

Unfortunately the patriots have the 12th man on the field in zebra stripes

— Kevin Daines (@Loud_Ready2018) January 14, 2018

Yes. It is horrible tonight.. Embarrassing for nfl. And not doing anything to disprove the NFL is in the tank for the Patriots… Not good

— Dan E (@deisnor24) January 14, 2018

Come on man, its the Patriots. They get all the calls in this rigged game. League has already predetermined what the outcome will be. One of main reasons beside kneeling, people just stopped watching. League is killing themselves

— winbabywinwin (@winbabywinwin) January 14, 2018

One particularly questionable call, even for neutral observers, went the Patriots’ way. The refs appeared to be calling New England for a false start while punting, but then conferred and decided that a Titans player in the neutral zone caused the Pats to jump, calling Tennessee for encroachment instead and keeping a scoring drive alive.

Replay showed very little evidence that any Tennessee player was in the zone, and you know Twitter wasn’t letting go of that.

The false start that turned into encroachment was the worst. Flag is thrown by umpire standing next to punter. How can he tell if D-line was in neutral zone when O-line moved?

— ThreeEggOmelet (@ThreeEggOmelot) January 14, 2018

If you can replay judgement calls like out of bounds and catches you should be able to challenge penalties like who moved first on offsides / false starts

— g-money (@rsportgod) January 14, 2018

That penalty on the punt changed the whole game now it looks like it will be a blow out. Ridiculous

— Anthony (@AfyAnthony) January 14, 2018

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It’s very difficult to prove whether an officiating crew blows more calls in favor of one team or another, but the NFL at least needs to be cognizant of the fact that many fans out there believe the league wants the Patriots to win. No matter what your opinion on the calls at Foxborough on Saturday, let’s all agree that the perception that some people have wasn’t exactly wiped away.

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Twitter Enraged By Questionable Calls In Patriots\' Favor


Twitter Enraged By Questionable Calls In Patriots\' Favor