Travel A Lot For Business? Here’s How To Pack For Quick Trips Around The Country.

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Trips — either for business or pleasure — have a way of making you feel like your mind is being simultaneously stretched between 10 equally important tasks.

You have to pack for the trip, plan an itinerary, figure out basic phrases for communication (if it’s international), and try to sync time zones in a way that doesn’t feel obtrusive and clumsy.

If you’re going for pleasure, itineraries and price comparions might take more of your spare time. If you’re going for business, you might be collaborating with multiple players across time zones. Either way, most of us relish finding anything that can make the process less painful.

While most of us aren’t willing to go the whole nine yards and pay to outsource the travel planning to a professional, we might be more willing to part with $4 to make the going much easier on us — especially if we’re frequent flyers.

With this in mind, you’ll find 8 apps below that might be worth the spare change — either because they get around the bugs and tweaks of unpaid versions, circumvent the "must-be-connected-to-internet" holdup, or make simple but tedious tasks easier and more simultaneous while traveling.

Check them out and decide for yourself if any of them might make traveling more pain-free:

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