The Ford Focus RS Is Too Cheap

Whether it’s trade, military spending, migration or energy policy, Donald Trump has been pretty scathing about the Germans lately. He owes at least some of them an apology.

About 5,700 German residents bought a U.S.-built meta content="WebLink" itemprop="type"">>Ford Mustang last year. When you consider how snooty Germans are about American cars and the EU’s 10 percent tariff on imported vehicles that so vexes Trump, that’s not too shabby. Still, 55,000 Porsches were sold in the U.S. last year, so you can at least see the point the president is trying to make about who’s winning here.

It’s equally true for overall car sales. The yearly U.S. trade deficit with Germany on vehicles is about $10 billion (including cars that German companies make in the U.S. and ship back home.) I’ve said before that this probably just reflects how German-branded cars are preferable to U.S. ones, but Trump won’t look at it that way — at least not in public.

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