The 50 Most Overrated Things In Sports

Stephen Brashear

Lets get one thing straight: You don't like the Super Bowl as much as you think you like the Super Bowl.

We like the idea of the Super Bowl: the ultimate game of the ultimate league in the best damn sport ever invented by human beings. It's the biggest of the big ones. It's


But is it?

An astonishing number of the NFL's final showdowns play out like a bad BCS title pairing. Teams get blown away regularly, and the most exciting part of the game ends up being the weeks of buildup leading to the letdown. 

Put it this way, the Super Bowl is the hulking summer blockbuster of American sports. More often than not, it pulls in more money and eyes than the quality of the product deserves. Case in point: the Seahawks' sponged the Denver Broncos, 43-8, this February. It was one of the worst Super Bowl blowouts ever, and it still became the most-watched television program in American history. 

Overrated Level: Coldplay. 

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The 50 Most Overrated Things In Sports


The 50 Most Overrated Things In Sports