The 100 Ft Waterfall Inside The Grand Canyon

Arizona often brings to mind cowboy boots, cacti, and the Grand Canyon. Although these are all pretty valid associations with the Western state, there are so many things to do in Arizona beyond all of that. It used to be that if you weren’t particularly outdoorsy, there wasn’t a whole lot for you to do there, but we’re proud to report that is no longer the case (although if you are fond of nature, we guarantee you’ll still be more than pleased).

We happen to think that it’s important to venture outside of the country to witness everything the world has to offer, but Arizona is one of those domestic places that you absolutely must see in your lifetime. It’s true: You cannot go without exploring the eye-catching canyons, and we beg you to see a cactus up close and personal. But there’s more than you can even imagine.

Below, find our ultimate wish list of things to do in Arizona—from a hidden waterfall to a petrified forest to even a ghost town—there’s seriously something for everyone in the Grand Canyon state.

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