Since Shoppers Aren’t Going To Stores, JCPenney Wants To Sell Linens To Hotels

Looking around its stores for something else to sell that isn’t clothing, JCPenney is entering a new business. After noticing large online orders for home goods placed by what turned out to be hotels, the company has decided to launch an actual sales team that will visit and sell to hotels.

After all, hotels that are just opening or that are refreshing their look need mattresses, blankets, pillows, sheets, towels, curtains, and blinds, all of which you can find at JCPenney.

In its announcement, the department store chain also points out that it sells uniforms, and the large and small appliances used to furnish extended-stay suites and corporate housing. For many of those items, it has its own brands and suppliers, though it could theoretically also use that supply chain to make custom products for large hotel clients.

“Our broad assortment of private brands in soft home give us a unique cost and value advantage in this new and exciting space,” CEO Marvin Ellison said in a statement.

The “exciting” part is probably the prospect of selling hundreds of towels in a single transaction.

The department store chain is also expanding into beds after an experiment with mattress showrooms was successful. Shoppers will be able to find showrooms in 300 more stores in the near future. Trying out mattresses, like getting a haircut or sampling makeup at Sephora, is yet another experience that you can’t duplicate by shopping on Amazon.

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Since Shoppers Aren’t Going To Stores, JCPenney Wants To Sell Linens To Hotels
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Since Shoppers Aren't Going To Stores, JCPenney Wants To Sell Linens To Hotels