But of the 160 or so agents who have become newly certified in the past two years, fewer than 10 have represented an N.B.A. player. E.J. Kusnyer is one of them. He was the secondary agent on the contract Glenn Robinson III recently signed with the Detroit Pistons, and he represents Ben Moore, who signed a two-way contract with the Indiana Pacers last season. While Kusnyer, 32, began as an independent agent, he has found modest success by partnering with others new to the profession.

Kusnyer played college basketball at Mercer, and then professionally in five countries before a foot injury ended his career in 2015. Rather than attempt a comeback, he returned to the United States with his wife and young child, and found work as a recruiter for Worldwide SM, an agency that mostly represents players in Europe.

Kusnyer had represented himself for his final four years in Europe. He spent months proving his Hungarian lineage to obtain a European Union passport so he wouldn’t count against roster limits for foreigners.

Kusnyer wasn’t certified while working at Worldwide SM, so he couldn’t represent players signing N.B.A. contracts, but that is what he wanted, so he took the agent test in 2016 and struck out on his own.

He quickly found like-minded agents and is in the final stages of forming an agency with Jelani Floyd, Daniel Poneman and Mike Naiditch, all of whom have strong ties to Chicago. They framed their decision as a way to better help their players.

“Everybody would say this, but it is good guys who care about their legacy and things, about using their platform and using their influence to do good,” said Kusnyer, describing the type of players they want to sign.

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