Reasons Southern Charm Is Totally Fake

For some reason, Bravo thought it would be a good idea to give eternal bachelor Shep Rose a dating show called Relationshep. Although Rose didn't walk off of the short-lived series with a relationship (surprise, surprise), he did meet an interesting gal in Los Angeles named Peyton Pritchard. Some fans might remember that Pritchard appeared on a few episodes of Southern Charm, which is strange considering Pritchard's flimsy reasons for moving to Charleston.

Pritchard claimed she moved in order to work in a dog boutique, a suspicious fact when you consider that there are tons of these businesses in Los Angeles. Making matters even more curious? Pritchard previously worked at Vanderpump Dogs, a charity started by none other than The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Lisa Vanderpump. "I was always volunteering at adoption centers, but it wasn't until I got a job working with dogs everyday at Vanderpump Dogs that I realized this is what I needed to be doing every single day of my life," Pritchard said on the website for her pet sitting business, Wag n' Woof

Castmate Naomie Olindo even went so far as to question Pritchard's motives, yelling at her during a fight, "Why are you here? Because Charleston is a hub for dog boutiques? Just be honest with me. I'm really a girl's girl … I know when a thirsty girl comes around." 

Dang, maybe Pritchard did ditch Los Angeles in hopes of becoming a full-time charmer…

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