QOTD: What Police Car Did It Best?

Thai had planned a cross-country road trip to hunt for a specific model of BMW. He hoped to look at a car in Commerce City and, from there, continue on to New Jersey, where there was another BMW he had his eye on.

After his ordeal at the airport, he only made it to Kansas before the police there pulled him over for expired license plates, according to the lawsuit. Police requested to search the car, which Thai refused. A drug-sniffing dog was then brought in to search the car. That's when police told Thai about the forty pounds of pot in the trunk.

Thai was then jailed in Colby, Kansas, for two days and one night, the lawsuit says. He was never charged and was mysteriously let go on July 13.

"He's very nervous, but he doesn't want this to happen to anyone else," explains Steven Woodrow, Thai's attorney.

When asked what happened or why someone would want to plant forty pounds of marijuana in a rental car, Woodrow says he and his client don't know.

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