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About the Man of God who tells people their past, present and future

Some people ganged up against me in my place of work here at the National Assembly. They were telling alot of lies with forged documents as evidence against me. I was so confused, demoralized and afraid that I thought my world has come to an end when my secretary just sent me a text and advised that there is this powerful man of God she knows in Gwarimpa that I should just call him and my problems will be solved.

I am a Muslim but I didn’t think twice because I needed solution no matter where it came from. I called Bishop Solomon and immediately I mentioned my name, he just said he is hearing in the spirit now that some people are gaming up against me and have cooked up alot of lies. I was shocked and he said I should just look for 21 notes of 20 naira and distribute to alms beggars and my problems are solved. I asked, just like that? And he said Yes. I did as he said same day and just like a dream, the next day all of them that was against me started fighting them selves and opening their secret plans of how they plotted to remove me from my position. All of them started having problems and came to beg for my forgiveness. Everybody is now peddling the rumor that I am a cultists and that anyone who dares me will destroyed. But it’s the God of the Bishop that helped me. Funny enough, I didn’t meet the Bishop till just recently.

My name is Mr. Iliyasu

For those who need serious spiritual help,

Visit the Prophet’s office at

Diamond Life Church Headquarters

Tower of Solution

1, Diamond Life street, After Eco Bank, off University of Abuja teaching Hospital Road Gwagwalada, Abuja-Nigeria

or call the Prophet’s direct line: O8O23499011

I kept hearing my niece Bukky who came in from Nigeria 4 months ago talking about the prophet to her friends but I wasn’t interested because I didn’t believe in prophets & so called spiritualism but as time goes on, I noticed things where just working out for her, barely within 4 months, she’s got a Job, started a big business, got a car & someone to marry her & I that has been here in America for 8 years had no serious man of my own, no job, & things where generally difficult for me.

When I noticed doors I had tried opening severally without luck gets opened for Bukky without stress, I had 2 humble myself to call Bukky who I’m 16 years older than to ask her of her secret & she told me it was Bishop Solomon Koleayo she visited in Abuja Nigeria before she made her trip, I begged her f or the Prophet’s contact which she gave me, I called the prophet who prayed for me & sent me the anointed water which I used as instructed & doors began to open 4 me miraculously. People that were owing me that refused paying me before began to call me to beg & pay me, calls started pouring in from places they promised me jobs before…am so happy as am planning my wedding now!

All I can say now is thank God for connecting me with the prophet.

-Ibironke, Atlanta Georgia USA

Thank God for giving us a prophet like Bishop Solomon Koleayo.

In one of the solution night vigils last year, Bishop called me out as he usually call people out and tell them things about themselves. He told me how all my siblings have graduated without job and husband. He revealed to me that our first daughter got married at age 36 and the marriage was devolved before her 37th birthday. That was when I knew he is a real seer because he doesn’t know me before and no one else except me, my mom and sister knew that the marriage has been scattered. We hid it from everyone. To. It the long story short, Bishop conducted deliverance on me that night, gave me anointed water and said the two women tormenting my family has met their end. I went home in the morning and saw two big dead rats at the entrance to my apartment. I sprinkled the water the Man of God gave me on the rats, prayed and disposed of the rats. 11am that same day, my mother called me from PH and said she was called from the village that my Aunt and her daughter that has been troubling us died in their parlor over the night with charms around them. That means they were even doing charms and doing evil as at the time I was at the night vigil in Lagos. Today, I am planning my wedding with a man I met a my new place of work. Praise God for the liberation.

Sis. Anita

I want to thank God for using His prophet, Bishop Solomon Koleayo for healing me and bringing restoration to me.

I have been working since 1983 and I did not have anything to show for it. No house of my own, my manhood was not working, my wife left me and i was always dreaming bad dreams. I went to many churches, herbalists and spiritual homes but everyone keep telling me my problem but without solution. Until when I went to Bishop’s night vigil in Gbagada Lagos. He called me out, prophesied to me and gave me the handkerchief he was holding and instantly, I got my healing, few weeks latter, I was sent on an assignment abroad from my office and God gave me so much breakthrough that I am now building in Lekki. My wife that left me has start calling me for reconciliation. Praise The Lord.

Odemwingie Mattew.

As for me, I believe in God and His Prophet, Bishop Koleayo. I saw Bishop’s number somewhere online and I decided to call him and immediately I asked him to pray for me. He told me I am being owed alot of money by the Government and some people where sitting on my payment. But in 14 days, they will be the one to call me. I was shocked. It was as if I was dreaming. If Bishop is not a true prophet of God, there is no way he would have known all that about me.

Someone that hasn’t seen me. Just hearing my voice he could tell me my problems. This is amazing.

I bless God, indeed as bishop said, I was called and my money was paid without delay. There was nothing I didn’t do to get my money paid for over 2 years but without result. I was almost giving up because the stories were too much but after my encounter with God’sservant, everything that seem dead in my life came back again.


Honestly, Bishop Koleayo is a real prophet.

I as a medical doctor who has lived in the United States for over twenty years, almost doesn’t believe in the bible or God until I met with this young prophet of God. I used to think those claiming to see visions are deceptive or so. I really cannot explain.

I reluctantly followed my sister to the Diamond church one sunday when the prophet called me out and began to tell me even things that happened long ago that only me knows about that I have even forgotten.

There is no way he would have known all those about me if he is not a seer.

This is more than real to me.

Thanks Bishop for putting me back on the right track.


Bishop Solomon Koleayo is the founder of Diamond Life Ministries. He is a born prophet who is gifted in healing, deliverance and prophecy.

He preaches as host, co-host and guest speaker in Christian programmes across the globe with thousands of peoples’ lives touched, blessed and healed by the power of God.

Bishop has authored several motivational, inspirational and life changing books.

He sits in his office in Abuja to attends to hundreds of people who visits him from around the world for spiritual help with great miracles being recorded.

For those who need serious spiritual help,

Visit the Prophet’s office at

DIamond Life Church Headquarters

Towers of Solution

#1, Diamond Life street, After Eco Bank, off University of Abuja teaching Hospital Road Gwagwalada,


Or call the Prophet’s direct line: O8O23499011.

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