Peek A Boo: The Shy Damselfly Given Away By His Big Bug Eyes

Morning Chris .. and the blogettes


What a show last night ...............

I'm not sure if it was the show or the cheese sandwich I had just before going to bed but, I had the weirdest dream I've had for a long while...

It was all in colour and has really etched itself into my memory , almost like it actually happened......... so ... I was driving along a footpath in one of those children's Kettcars things ( a cute little red pedal car- ....always wanted one .. never had one) my husband was walking along side... Oh yes it was me now not as a child.

Anyway we were going past a churchyard and two small children ran out of the churchyard gate. I had to do an emergency stop, otherwise I would have run into them. A moment later, the children's parents came out and started to shout at me, for driving such a small car on the footpath. It turned out that my husband knew the mother of the children from way back at university, so, he offered to help carry the children across the road : which he did.... but instead of picking the children up, he got into their push chair, put the two children on his knee and asked the mother to push them all across the road; half way across the road , the pushchair collapsed, the children came back to their dad, who was talking to me by now ; my husband and the mother ... were really "getting it on" in the middle of the road, so I said to the dad, it looks like it's you and me. He got into my little pedal car , picked up his two children, sat them on his knee and off we went, leaving my husband and his wife to get on with things, where we were going, I had no idea, until we came to place I recognised as my home town. Then; in front of us there had been a car accident; a car had driven off the road and crashed into a church doorway, so, I said to the guy in my car. Oh my dad used to be a builder, maybe we can fix the church door, he agreed, so we stopped and got out to help. The church door was hanging off; it was a really big solid looking door, the hinges were broken. We looked at the hinges and I said, oh these are coffee cup hinges- I remember my dad talking about those, we just need a couple of plastic coffee cups to make a repair. We set off in search of two coffee cups, at first we couldn't find a vending machine anywhere, so we asked a few people and got directions to a place with a vending machine, bought two cups of coffee and some squash for the children. We had the drinks, saved the cups, then went back to the church and repaired the door. My husband appeared: he didn't recognise me at all; it turned out, he was the vicar of the church and was jolly pleased that we'd fixed the door .............. and then thankfully....... I woke up.

If anyone has any clue what the dream means I'd like to know...............

Have a nice weekend folks..... and

Keep smiling



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Peek A Boo: The Shy Damselfly Given Away By His Big Bug Eyes


Peek A Boo: The Shy Damselfly Given Away By His Big Bug Eyes