Pacman Jones Got Swung At, Then Cracked An Airport Worker

Number of arrests: 7

Lawrence Phillips' fall from grace was astonishingly fast, beginning with a violent incident in college, followed by a brief stint in the NFL derailed by multiple arrests, and ending with the former Heisman candidate in jail until potentially 2037.

Heading into the 1995 season (his junior year) under Tom Osbourne at Nebraska, Phillips was a Heisman Trophy candidate. Following the team's victory over Michigan State in East Lansing, the Huskers returned to Lincoln, where Phillips allegedly caught quarterback Scott Frost with his ex-girlfriend and completely lost his mind.

Phillips dragged his ex down three flights of stairs—by her hair—before he was arrested.

Osbourne's unscrupulous decision not to boot his star running back off the team (Phillips was suspended for six games) was widely criticized. After the Huskers finished their undefeated, National Championship season with a 62-24 thrashing of Florida in the Fiesta Bowl, Phillips entered the 1996 NFL Draft and was taken 6th overall by the St. Louis Rams.

The Rams' draft pick lasted little more than one season with the team, before playing parts of two seasons with the Dolphins and 49ers and then vanishing from the NFL, a victim of his own criminal behavior.

Here's Phillips' full list of arrests:

1995: domestic violence (source)

1996: driving while intoxicated (source)

1997: disorderly conduct (source)

1997: probation violation (source)

1998: battery (source)

2000: domestic abuse, making a terrorist threat, conspiring to dissuade a witness, possessing a concealed firearm in a car, carrying a loaded firearm & vandalism (source)

2005: attempted murder & domestic violence (source

The last arrest came after Phillips ran down three teenagers after a dispute during a pickup football game near the LA Coliseum, and he was wanted at the same time by San Diego authorities for domestic abuse. He was eventually brought to trial on the charges resulting from both incidents, and was sentenced to a total of 31 years behind bars.

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Pacman Jones Got Swung At, Then Cracked An Airport Worker


Pacman Jones Got Swung At, Then Cracked An Airport Worker