PBS Puts Forward Left Wing Agenda

To the editor:

Mr. Dufner (11-11-17 letter to the editor), no where in my LTE (11-10-17) did I mention the Fox News channel, as you said you “assume” I watch.

I have watched each and every one of the others, including your PBS channel, only to find Fox more reliable more times than not in comparison.


As far as the 6 p.m. PBS time slot, I am more entertained by old black and white “Perry Mason” shows than what PBS has to offer.

I would even dare bet that your PBS channel never covered the Dana Loesch story I mentioned.

I have said in the past, “It amuses me that people can attack me and never defend the issues I lay out in a format. That’s because they can’t.

(11-8-17) The left is now condemning the phrase “Our thoughts and prayers are with you” (speaking of the Vegas and Texas shootings), as a coverup for doing nothing about gun laws and claim those words are shallow and hollow with little or no real compassion for the victims. That’s just plain and simply absurd.

We don’t need more gun laws, we just need to enforce the ones already in place.

I must ask, who of you have ever seen a gun lift off a shelf and commence to shoot by itself? (That’s it. None of you.)

There are three certainties: death, taxes and the left wanting total gun control.

It truly is a travesty that an illegal (six times deported) immigrant can be free in a sanctuary city and be allowed to gun down an innocent person out for a walk (Kate Steinle) and get away with it, while we legally “permit to carry” get the brunt of the left’s crazy agenda.

Those authorities that allow that should be tried and jailed for aiding and abetting.

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Someone once said, “Absolute corruption is corruption absolutely.”

I believe this defines the left wing agenda to have absolute power by means of corruption.

Mr. Dufner, on 12-13-17 your PBS channel suspended an employee for (I suppose) untruthful reporting. What say you now?

Russ Larsen


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