Of Trump, Taylor Swift And The Cat

O.K., he’s probably right. But that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a little political diversion.

For instance, you’ve probably heard about Representative Paul Gosar, an Arizona Republican, who is a heavy favorite for re-election even though he’s been the subject of an attack ad made by six of his siblings.

“It’s intervention time, and intervention time means … you go to vote Paul out,” says one brother in the ad for Gosar’s opponent, which is titled “A Family Defends Its Honor.” I can’t tell you this has really made a difference; the polls suggest Gosar is still going to win. However, it could be a useful citation during your next family argument. (“Well, at least I never made an attack ad against you!”)

I am sorry to report that Florida Republicans have let us down and nominated a Spanish-language TV star, Maria Elvira Salazar, for Congress in a district where one of the other candidates was a businesswoman whose résumé included having been kidnapped by space aliens.

Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera did actually have a lot of assets, including a career as a local councilwoman and a strong record of helping other women run for office. On the other side you had the fact that she told reporters that when she was 7 she was beamed aboard a spaceship and met visitors from another galaxy, with whom she communicates telepathically. But nobody’s perfect.

And this week we had the Taylor Swift story! Even people who do not know the name of their current member of Congress know that Swift has endorsed former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen for the Senate. After a career in which she’s avoided saying anything much about politics, Swift popped up with the announcement that she’s voting for Bredesen because his Republican opponent, Representative Marsha Blackburn, has a voting record that “appalls and terrifies me.”

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