Obama Is Our Savior Clinton Is Evil

I support Hillary Clinton because she is an accomplished woman, and if her administration is half as successful as the previous Clinton administration we will have peace, prosperity, and maybe even affordable health care.

I support Hillary Clinton because women are half the population in this country and 43 consecutive male presidents is more than enough.

I support Hillary Clinton because the day she announced she was running my 15 year old son excitedly told me "Mom, we might finally have a woman president. Isn't that GREAT?!"

I support Hillary Clinton because she is far more experienced than Obama, and I have had enough of on the job trainee presidents.

I DO NOT support Barack Obama because he lacks the basic experience needed to be president, and doesn't seem very interested in acquiring it, having essentially started his campaign for president immediately after being sworn in as senator a mere 3 yrs ago.

I DO NOT support Barack Obama because I find him to be an untruthful candidate. He has accepted lobbyist money and PAC money all the way up the ladder, but now claims it's bad money. He says PAC money is bad but he raises it to donate to SD candidates. He claims he doesn't take lobbyist money in this campaign but has lobbyists bundling money for him from non-lobbyists. I think he looked me in the eye and lied to me about his lifetime association with Tony Rezko and pulled a Bush style "Ken Who?" by pretending he hardly knew him.

I DO NOT support Barrack Obama because I do not believe he will work to put affordable healthcare in place for this country. I hear him talk about the problem of waste in health care, but I know his wife is basically a PR person for University Hospitals of Chicago who received a raise to $273K a year when Obama won his senate race. No one who works PR for a non-profit hospital system deserves that kind of pay. It contributes to the lack of affordable health care in this country.

The hypocrisy is stunning, and it doesn't stop with Barack. His wife's stump speech includes an admonition to young people to shun high paying 'corporate' jobs in favor of working in helping industries and be teachers, police, firemen and women. But until February, when it came up in a debate, she sat on the board of a Wal Mart supplier and was paid $52K a year to attend board meetings. That's more than most people make working full time in a year that cannot afford health care coverage, in part, because of outlandish salaries like she receives from University of Chicago Hospitals.

I DO NOT support Barack Obama because he and his campaign have used sexist language to marginalize his female opponent with comments such as "she has her claws out" or that her work as the most active first lady since Elenanor Roosevelt was nothing more than having "tea" with diplomats. His surrogates refer to her as shrill and scolding -- wink and nod terms to say this is a woman, and we know we can't have a woman in the White House.

I DO NOT support Barack Obama because he pandered to anti-gay homophobes to get the religious black vote in SC. Then tried to pass it off as noble, and bringing people to the table. Somehow I suspect Mr. Obama will not be bringin the grand dragon of the KKK to the table anytime soon. So why is it acceptable to pander to those that think GLBT people are coming to kill your children?

And lastly...

I DO NOT support Barack Obama because the great uniter's supporters have attacked and demeaned and shouted down others in their zeal to see him elected. They have caused a split in the democratic that may not ever heal, and certainly not by November if polls are to be believed. He is no uniter of people at all. If he was his supporters would not have lost their basic principles and democratic values. They would not tolerate the divisiveness of pandering to bigots and rank sexism that is part and parcel of his campaign.

And yes, I know any responses to this diary will be ones telling me Clinton is evil, and that Barack is GOD, and that you don't need my vote, and I can go to hell, ad nauseum. I don't care.

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Obama Is Our Savior   Clinton Is Evil


Obama Is Our Savior Clinton Is Evil