Oakland County Completes Five Year Update Of Emergency Preparedness Plan

The federal government has given preliminary approval to a plan helping Oakland County officials identify, and reduce the risk of, natural or manmade disasters.

Since these disasters have the potential to threaten life, the environment, and the public’s health and property, the county has developed a comprehensive plan that identifies strategies working to minimize the impact of those disasters, and allows the county to be eligible for pre- or post-disaster federal funding.

“The goal of hazard mitigation is to eliminate or reduce loss of life and property from hazards that occur in the county by protecting the health, safety and economic interests of its residents,” said Tom Hardesty, the county’s homeland security division manager.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires that the plan is updated every five years.


Last year, over 150 stakeholders, including community leaders, residents, and county staff, participated in the development of the county’s hazard mitigation plan, according to Hardesty.

In November, a prioritized list of 147 new emergency preparedness strategies was created in addition to the 229 ongoing/updated strategies from the 2012 plan, and 126 completed strategies. Fifteen strategies were removed or considered not relevant, according to the updated plan.

Major categories that represent the identified strategies, in order of priority, include:

• Emergency planning

• Emergency training for first responders

• Infrastructure work

• Culverts/general flood/water system

• Personal preparedness encouragement

• Radio/communication/notification system

• Security improvements

• Emergency supplies/small equipment

• Generator

• Warning sirens/loud speakers

• Hire/train staff

• Large response equipment or construction project

• Emergency shelters

The top five natural hazards identified, in order of priority, include:

• Winter storm and blizzards

• River flooding

• Urban flooding

• High winds/severe winds

• Hail

The top five manmade hazards identified, in order of priority, include:

• Structural fire

•Transportation accidents: highway

• Hazardous materials incidents: transportation

• Hazardous materials incidents: fixed facility

• Petroleum and natural gas pipeline accidents

The three goals of the plan, which will be updated again in 2022, include:

1. Retaining access to FEMA funding for the county, and its communities, by complying with federal law, which includes the the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act and Code of Federal Regulations

2. Providing a basis for identifying, and reducing the effect of, hazards that affect the county and its communities

3. Developing a method to help the county, and its communities, incorporate and implement hazard identification, and strategies to combat, into its planning processes

Information on how the county is helping residents and businesses prepare for such disasters can be found at oakgov.com/homelandsecurity. You can also find information here about emergency checklists and how to create your own disaster plan.

OAKLAND COUNTY 2018-2022 DISASTER PLAN: https://www.scribd.com/document/383669246/Oakland-County-2018-Hazard-Mitigation-Plan

RESIDENTS HELP COUNTY DEVELOP EMERGENCY PLAN: http://www.theoaklandpress.com/general-news/20171003/oakland-county-residents-can-help-county-update-its-disaster-plan

OAKLAND COUNTY DISASTER PLANNING WEBSITE: https://www.oakgov.com/homelandsecurity/need-to-know/disasters/Pages/default.aspx

FEMA APPROVAL LETTER: https://www.scribd.com/document/383734054/FEMA-Approval-Letter

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Oakland County Completes Five Year Update Of Emergency Preparedness Plan


Oakland County Completes Five Year Update Of Emergency Preparedness Plan