Oak Lawn Pet Owners Face New Ordinances

"It's in trying to keep our waterways clean," Oviedo Council member Stephen Schenck said.

"And it does help to make sure that walkways and playgrounds are kept free of debris, especially when children are using them."

According to the city's new "animal pet waste" ordinance, pet owners are required to carry with them "an appropriately sized bag to be used for the removal of animal fecal matter" when taking their dog or cat for a walk.

When Fido does what comes natural on public or private property, such as a sidewalk, lawn or park, the pet owner "shall be responsible for the immediate removal of all solid waste deposited by his/her animal," according to ordinance.

The waste has to be either placed in a plastic bag and dropped in the garbage or flushed down a toilet.

Violators could face fines from $25 for the first offense to $100 for the third offense.

The only exceptions are for police and service dogs.

City officials say animal waste flows into area lakes and rivers through storm water runoff.

Orlando, Winter Park, Seminole County and Orange County have similar ordinances.


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