New Mexico Educational Retirement Board Sells 4,400 Shares Of Host Hotels And Resorts Inc (HST)

[September 24, 2009]

CX, MU, JPM, HST, HPQ, ALU With Highest Daily Short Volume On NYSE Wednesday

(M2 PressWIRE Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) BUYINS.NET,, has reviewed the NYSE Daily Short Volume Report for Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 and come to the following statistical conclusions. There were 6,555 stocks with daily short volume reported and total NYSE trading volume of 1,359,171,997 shares. Total Daily Short Volume was 644,826,312 shares. 47.4% of all trading on the NYSE Wednesday was short selling. The chart below highlights 6 stocks that had the highest daily short volume on Wednesday. CEMEX (NYSE: CX), Micron Technology (NYSE: MU), JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM), Host Hotels and Resorts (NYSE: HST), Hewlett Packard (NYSE: HPQ) and Alcatel Lucent (NYSE: ALU). To access SqueezeTrigger Prices ahead of potential short squeezes beginning, visit

Date Symbol Short Volume Total Volume Market Percent 20090923 CX 10,493,831 22,428,918 P 46.79% 20090923 MU 1,837,765 3,403,101 P 54.00% 20090923 JPM 1,690,634 4,230,934 P 39.96% 20090923 HST 1,609,313 2,569,906 P 62.62% 20090923 HPQ 1,579,307 2,816,771 P 56.07% 20090923 ALU 1,537,397 3,696,472 P 41.59% In late October 2008 the SEC updated Regulation SHO requiring that all short sellers must locate, borrow and deliver any shares they have shorted, no exceptions, by T+3 settlement date. If not, a buy-in must be forced by the broker dealer that the short seller transacted through by the opening of the market on T+4. Since a company first appears on the naked short list when short sellers have been failing to deliver for 5 consecutive trading days, stocks should theoretically never be on the naked short list again. BUYINS.NET will monitor the exchangesai naked short lists daily and issue an alert and notify the SEC and FINRA should short sellers fail to deliver on any short sales.

Reg SHO Rule 204 (i) requires brokers to deliver shares on long and short sales of publicly traded equity securities by settlement date, (ii) continues to require brokers to close-out fails to deliver by the beginning of trading on T+4 for short sales and T+6 for long sales, (iii) precludes clearing brokers and their introducing brokers from selling short a security, other than on a pre-borrowed basis, if a fail to deliver in that security is not timely closed out until the fail is closed out and that close-out transaction settles, (iv) allows clearing brokers to allocate fails to introducing brokers and (v) continues to permit brokers to rely upon pre-fail credit to satisfy Rule 204's close-out requirement to avoid the pre-borrow requirements when a fail at a clearing broker has not been closed out. However, the SEC liberalized certain of these provisions in several regards. For example, permanent Rule 204 now allows a broker to close-out a fail on a long sale by borrowing the security, whereas Rule 204T had only permitted closing out long fails by buying-in, which should alleviate some of the buy-in risk for investors that experience long fails. Similar relief was extended to close-outs for market maker fails, so that a fail from a bona fide market making transaction (including short and long fails) can now be closed out by the beginning of trading on T+6 by borrowing the security. Further, Rule 204 now permits a broker to borrow securities to obtain pre-fail credit for early close-outs, whereas temporary Rule 204T only permitted pre-fail credit to be obtained by purchases of securities.

The SEC refused requests to extend the close-out deadline for fails to deliver to the close of business on the close-out deadline, choosing instead to retain the requirement that all fails be closed out by the beginning of trading on the applicable close-out deadline. The Commission also rejected requests for a fail to deliver exception that would have provided an exception from the close-out requirements if a clearing broker's fail position was below a certain amount but said that it would continue to monitor whether a de minimis or odd lot exception could be warranted.

CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V. (NYSE: CX), through its subsidiaries, engages in the production, marketing, distribution, and sale of cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and other construction materials. It sells its products primarily to distributors in the construction industry. The company has operations in North America, Europe, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia. CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V. was founded in 1906 and is based in Garza Garcia, Mexico.

Micron Technology, Inc. (NYSE: MU), together with its subsidiaries, engages in the manufacture and marketing of semiconductor devices worldwide. Its products include dynamic random access memory (DRAM) products that provide data storage and retrieval, which include DDR, DDR2, DDR3, synchronous DRAM, and other specialty DRAM memory products, such as mobile DRAM, pseudo-static RAM, and reduced latency DRAM. The company also offers NAND flash memory products, which are electrically re-writeable and non-volatile semiconductor devices that retain memory content when power is turned off; and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor image sensors that capture and process images into pictures or video for various consumer and industrial applications. Micron Technologyais products are used in a range of electronic applications, including personal computers, workstations, network servers, mobile phones, flash memory cards, USB storage devices, MP3/4 players, and in automotive applications. It sells its products to original equipment manufacturers and retailers through internal sales force, independent sales representatives, and distributors, as well as Web-based customer direct sales division. Micron Technology has joint ventures with Intel Corp. to develop and manufacture NAND flash memory products; Singapore Economic Development Board, Canon, Inc., and Hewlett-Packard Company to manufacture memory products in Singapore; Nanya Technology Corporation to manufacture stack DRAM products; and Photronics, Inc. to produce photomasks for advanced next generation semiconductors. It also has strategic technology collaboration with Infineon Technologies AG for the development of high-density subscriber identity module cards reaching beyond 128 megabytes. The company was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Boise, Idaho.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM), a financial holding company, provides a range of financial services worldwide. It operates in six segments: Investment Bank, Commercial Banking, Treasury & Securities Services, Asset Management, Retail Financial Services, and Card Services. Investment Bank segment provides investment banking products and services, including advising on corporate strategy and structure, capital raising in equity and debt markets, risk management, market-making in cash securities and derivative instruments, and prime brokerage and research. It serves corporations, financial institutions, governments, and institutional investors. Retail Financial Services segment offers regional banking, mortgage banking, and auto finance services that include checking and savings accounts, mortgages, home equity and business loans, and investments through bank branches, ATMs, online banking, and telephone banking. Card Services segment issues credit cards and processes MasterCard and Visa payments. Commercial Banking segment provides lending, treasury services, investment banking, and asset management services to corporations, municipalities, financial institutions, and not-for-profit entities. Treasury and Securities Services segment offers transaction, investment, and information services. It also offers cash management, trade, wholesale card, and liquidity products and services to small and mid-sized companies, multinational corporations, financial institutions, and government entities. Asset Management segment provides investment and wealth management services to institutions, retail investors, and high-net-worth individuals. It also offers global investment management in equities, fixed income, real estate, hedge funds, private equity, and liquidity, including money market instruments and bank deposits; provides trust and estate, banking, and brokerage services; and retirement services. JPMorgan Chase & Co. was founded in 1823 and is headquartered in New York, New York.

Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. (NYSE: HST) is a publicly owned real estate investment trust (REIT). The firm primarily engages in the ownership and operation of hotel properties. It invests in the real estate markets of United States. It also invests in Canada, Mexico, Chile, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and Poland. The firm primarily invests in luxury and upper upscale hotels. It was formerly known as Host Marriott Corporation. Host Hotels & Resorts was founded in 1927 and is based in Bethesda, Maryland.

Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HPQ) provides a range of products, technologies, software, solutions, and services worldwide. The companyais Enterprise Storage and Servers segment offers storage and server products in industry standard servers, business critical systems, and storageworks offerings. Its HP Services segment provides a portfolio of multi vendor IT services, such as technology, consulting and integration, and outsourcing services. This segment also offers information technology, applications, and business process outsourcing services to commercial customers primarily in the manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, communications, energy, transportation, and consumer and retail industries, as well as governments. The companyais HP Software segment provides enterprise IT management software, information management and business intelligence solutions, and opencall solutions. Its Personal Systems Group segment offers a line of personal computers (PCs) consisting of commercial PCs, consumer PCs, workstations, handheld computing devices, digital entertainment systems, calculators and other related accessories, and software and services for the commercial and consumer markets. The companyais Imaging and Printing Group segment provides consumer and commercial printer hardware, printing supplies, printing media, and scanning devices, such as inkjet and Web solutions, laserjet and enterprise solutions, graphics solutions, and printer supplies. Its HP Financial Services segment offers leasing, financing, and utility programs; asset recovery services; and financial asset management services for enterprise customers, as well as various specialized financial services to small-and medium-sized businesses, and educational and governmental entities. The company also provides certain network infrastructure products, including Ethernet switch products under the ProCurve brand. Hewlett-Packard was founded in 1939 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU) offers products that enable service providers, enterprises, and governments worldwide to deliver voice, data, and video communication services to end-users. The company operates in four segments: Carrier Product Group, Enterprise Product Group, Services Group, and Applications Software Group. The Carrier Product Group offers Internet protocol (IP) routers and switches; IP-based fixed access products that support fiber and digital subscriber line; and mobile access products, including GSM, WiMAX, W-CDMA, TD-SCDMA, and CDMA. This segment also designs and markets equipment to transport information over fiber optic connections for long distances over land and undersea, as well as for short distances in metropolitan and regional areas. In addition, it offers core networking products, ranging from switching systems to IP multimedia subsystems. Further, this segment offers multi-vendor maintenance services. The Enterprise Product Group offers software, hardware, and services that interconnect networks, people, processes, and knowledge. The Services Group provides network integration, network operations, and professional services. The Applications Software Group offers applications software, including contact center software, IMS applications, and operations support systems and business support systems software. This segment also offers multimedia and communications related services. The company sells its products and services to telecommunications service providers directly, as well as through indirect channels, value-added resellers, and joint ventures. Alcatel-Lucent has strategic relationships principally with Edgeware, Convergys, and Airvana. The company was formerly known as Alcatel and changed its name to Alcatel-Lucent in December 2006. Alcatel-Lucent was founded in 1898 and is headquartered in Paris, France.

About BUYINS.NET WWW.BUYINS.NET is a service designed to help bonafide shareholders of publicly traded US companies fight naked short selling. Naked short selling is the illegal act of short selling a stock when no affirmative determination has been made to locate shares of the stock to hypothecate in connection with the short sale. has built a proprietary database that uses Threshold list feeds from NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE to generate detailed and useful information to combat the naked short selling problem. For the first time, actual trade by trade data is available to the public that shows the attempted size, actual size, price and average value of short sales in stocks that have been shorted and naked shorted. This information is valuable in determining the precise point at which short sellers go out-of-the-money and start losing on their short and naked short trades.

BUYINS.NET has built a massive database that collects, analyzes and publishes a proprietary SqueezeTrigger for each stock that has been shorted. The SqueezeTrigger database of nearly 2,650,000,000 short sale transactions goes back to January 1, 2005 and calculates the exact price at which the Total Short Interest is short in each stock. This data was never before available prior to January 1, 2005 because the Self Regulatory Organizations (primary exchanges) guarded it aggressively. After the SEC passed Regulation SHO, exchanges were forced to allow data processors like to access the data.

The SqueezeTrigger database collects individual short trade data on over 7,000 NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ stocks and general short trade data on nearly 8,000 OTCBB and PINKSHEET stocks. Each month the database grows by approximately 50,000,000 short sale transactions and provides investors with the knowledge necessary to time when to buy and sell stocks with outstanding short positions. By tracking the size and price of each monthais short transactions, BUYINS.NET provides institutions, traders, analysts, journalists and individual investors the exact price point where short sellers start losing money and a short squeeze can begin.

All material herein was prepared by BUYINS.NET, based upon information believed to be reliable. The information contained herein is not guaranteed by BUYINS.NET to be accurate, and should not be considered to be all-inclusive. The companies that are discussed in this opinion have not approved the statements made in this opinion. Occassionally companies or third parties pay $995 per month to purchase data for information provided in monthly reports. The data service can be cancelled at any time. This opinion contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. This material is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities. BUYINS.NET is not a licensed broker, broker dealer, market maker, investment banker, investment advisor, analyst or underwriter. Please consult a broker before purchasing or selling any securities viewed on or mentioned herein. BUYINS.NET will not advise as to when it decides to sell and does not and will not offer any opinion as to when others should sell; each investor must make that decision based on his or her judgment of the market.

BUYINS.NET and SQUEEZETRIGGER are intended for use by stock market professionals. As a member, visitor, or user of any kind, you accept full responsibilities for your investment and trading actions. The contents of BUYINS.NET, including but not limited to all implied or expressed views, opinions, teachings, data, graphs, opinions, or otherwise are not predictions, warranty, or endorsements of any kind. Please seek stock market advice from the proper securities professional, or investment advisor.

By visiting BUYINS.NET or using any data or services, you agree to assume full responsibility for the decisions or actions that you undertake. BUYINS.NET, LLC, its owner(s), operators, employees, partners, affiliates, advertisers, information providers and any other associated person or entity, shall under no circumstances be held liable to the user and/or any third party for loss or damages of any kind, including but not limited to trading losses, lost trading opportunity, direct, indirect, consequential, special, incidental, or punitive damages. As a user, you agree that any damages collected shall not exceed the amount paid to BUYINS.NET and/or its owners. As a website user, you agree that any and all legal matters of any kind are to be reviewed and handled in their entirety within the State of California only. By using the services of this website, you are consenting to the terms as outlined, and forfeit all legal jurisdictions in any other State.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future outcomes. Any and all examples are hypothetical and should not be considered a guarantee or endorsement of such trading activity. BUYINS.NET does not take responsibility for problems of any kind, including but not limited to issues with operations, data accuracy or completeness, contacting issues, technical issues, and timeliness. BUYINS.NET places great integrity on the data collected and distributed. This information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. All information and data is provided "as is" without warranty or guarantee of any kind.

Please seek investment and/or trading advice, council, information or services from a securities professional. You should consider these factors in evaluating the forward-looking statements included herein, and not place undue reliance on such statements. The forward-looking statements in this release are made as of the date hereof and BUYINS.NET undertakes no obligation to update such statements.

This release contains "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended and such forward-looking statements are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. "Forward-looking statements" describe future expectations, plans, results, or strategies and are generally preceded by words such as "may", "future", "plan" or "planned", "will" or "should", "expected," "anticipates", "draft", "eventually" or "projected". You are cautioned that such statements are subject to a multitude of risks and uncertainties that could cause future circumstances, events, or results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements, including the risks that actual results may differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements as a result of various factors, and other risks identified in a companies' annual report on Form 10-K or 10-KSB and other filings made by such company with the SEC.

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New Mexico Educational Retirement Board Sells 4,400 Shares Of Host Hotels And Resorts Inc (HST)


New Mexico Educational Retirement Board Sells 4,400 Shares Of Host Hotels And Resorts Inc (HST)

New Mexico Educational Retirement Board Sells 4,400 Shares Of Host Hotels And Resorts Inc (HST) Bloggers

New Mexico Educational Retirement Board Sells 4,400 Shares Of Host Hotels And Resorts Inc (HST)

New Mexico Educational Retirement Board Sells 4,400 Shares Of Host Hotels And Resorts Inc (HST)


New Mexico Educational Retirement Board Sells 4,400 Shares Of Host Hotels And Resorts Inc (HST)

New Mexico Educational Retirement Board Sells 4,400 Shares Of Host Hotels And Resorts Inc (HST)


New Mexico Educational Retirement Board Sells 4,400 Shares Of Host Hotels And Resorts Inc (HST)