Naked Backpacker Sparks Police Alert After Startling Staff In Cambridgeshire Petrol Station

Mother, 53, was undergoing surgery in Florida ahead of the draw

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    fter successful op, she said she felt so lucky she wanted a lottery ticket 

  • Daughter, 23, bought 'lucky dip' ticket from local petrol station

  • Five winners include mother's partner, daughters and daughter's partner

  • The group, who were celebrating today, will get £12.2million each

  • By Richard Spillett and Mark Duell for MailOnline

    Published: 05:49 EDT, 3 August 2016 | Updated: 20:07 EDT, 3 August 2016


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    'I've cheated death. We're on a roll, let's buy a lottery ticket': Mother of family who won £61million lottery jackpot told her daughter to buy a ticket after she had tumour ...
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