Man Turns Love Of Reptiles Into Sacramento Store

Florida is truly something else. 

A Florida resident decided to take a live gator for a beer run last week, tucking the reptile under his arm like a fashionable, but terrifying, clutch. 

In the Facebook video that went viral, the man strolls into a convenience store with the gator and casually asks, "Y'all got beer still?" 

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When he see someone standing by the cooler — clearly a threat to the beer supply — he asks, "You taking the last bit of beer?" Then the man wields the gator like a knight brandishing a lance during a joust and charges at the offender.

Giggling, the gator wearer grabs a case of cold beer and brags, "It's alive." 

The man, identified as Robby Stratton, told ActionNewsJax that Facebook has been giving him "nothing but love, nothing but hate," and that he sees "a lot more love." 

When asked if he was under the influence during the beer run, Stratton replied, "a lot of the influence!" 

Meet Robby Stratton, the man who ran through a #Florida convenience store holding a live alligator. The incident is under FWC investigation. @ActionNewsJax @WOKVNews @CBSNews @FoxNews @cnnbrk @NBCNews @AP

— Ryan Nelson (@RyanANJax) July 29, 2018

"It's not like I chased Grandma down in Publix with it or something," Stratton justified. 

"Why?" ActionNewsJax reporter Ryan Nelson asked.

Stratton shrugged, and held up his case of beer: "Alcohol, man." 

Stratton is under investigation by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, who could be charged with a third degree felony for illegally possessing an alligator. According to ActionNewsJax, he could face up to a $5,000 fine or five years in prison. 

"They already talked to me," Stratton said, "They told me what I did was stupid." 

Although Stratton claimed that he didn't know where the gator came from, disturbing videos from the same night show him bragging about how he caught the gator.

In the video, another man can be seen stepping on the gator, whose mouth is taped shut. Others, including Stratton, take turns picking up the gator. 

Stratton told ActionNewsJax that he was drinking during the first video and thought the gator was "fake or dead." He said that after making that infamous beer run, he released the (still living) gator into a nearby creek. 

"I definitely regret it," he admitted on camera. "It was stupid."

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Man Turns Love Of Reptiles Into Sacramento Store


Man Turns Love Of Reptiles Into Sacramento Store

Man Turns Love Of Reptiles Into Sacramento Store


Man Turns Love Of Reptiles Into Sacramento Store