Mad Minute Stories For August 3

Beauty queen resigns title rather than cover tattoos

PHELAN, Calif. (AP) — A beauty queen in the Southern California desert community of Phelan has given up her crown rather than cover up her tattoos.

Sierra Leyde didn’t have tattoos when she was named Miss Phelan at age 17.

But she celebrated her 18th birthday with tattoos of flowers on her upper arm and shoulder, and a shark on her forearm.

The Phelan Chamber of Commerce then asked her to sign a contract saying she would keep the tattoos covered while in her sash and crown.

Leyde tells KCBS-TV she doesn’t think she should have to cover up because tattoos are now normal, but she decided to drop her title.

The chamber says it has no issues with a Miss Phelan having tattoos, other than asking that they be covered during official events.



Information from: KCBS-TV,


No kidding: Dozens of goats chow down in Idaho neighborhood

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — About 100 escaped goats munched on manicured lawns in Idaho’s capital city before being rounded up and hauled away Friday morning.

Multiple news outlets captured the goats calmly eating grass and shrubs in a Boise neighborhood before a trailer arrived amid applause from neighborhood residents.

The goats had been corralled near a local retention pond to eat weeds and other overgrowth, but — perhaps noticing the grass was greener next door — broke through a wooden fence to roam the neighborhood.

Kim and Matt Gabica own the animals as part of their business called We Rent Goats. They gathered the docile herd and said all 118 of the goats were accounted for.

Goats are sometimes let loose in the nearby Boise foothills to eat wild plants and reduce wildfire threats.


Wild goat wanders into sporting goods store

A wild goat with an impressive horn spread escaped the heat of the Austrian summer by wandering into a sporting goods store.

A video filmed inside the store in Tyrol shows the long-horned goat wandering the aisles near the front door of the sporting goods store.

The friendly goat approaches shoppers and even accepts some pats on the head from the people inside the store.

The filmer is eventually able to lure the goat back to the outdoors.


Michigan man befriends wild turkey who moved into his yard

GARDEN CITY, Mich. (AP) — A suburban Detroit man who found himself facing fines after a wild turkey moved into his overgrown backyard has made friends with the large bird.

Garden City bans residents from keeping wild animals as pets. The city fined Mark Johnston $100 for harboring the turkey and another $100 for dumping brush at his curb after he cleaned up his backyard in an effort to get the 30-pound turkey to leave.

The city eventually dismissed the turkey ticket since Johnston wasn’t keeping the animal as a pet, The Detroit News reported . Johnston is still fighting the other one.

Meanwhile, the turkey remains in Johnston’s yard. Johnston said that as far as he’s concerned, the bird can stay as long as he wants.

“I have no kids. I’m in the middle of a divorce. I have no one at home,” said Johnston, 45, a tow truck driver. “He kinda keeps me company. It gives me something to come home to.”

Johnston previously hunted turkeys but said he’s given it up, considering his backyard guest.

Johnston’s neighbors don’t seem to have a problem with the turkey, which they said isn’t too noisy.

“It’s crazy. (But) if the turkey likes it and the guy likes it, leave them alone,” said neighbor Sandi Canning.

Wild animals can only be moved if they’re a nuisance or a threat, said Holly Vaughn, a spokeswoman for Department of Natural Resources’ wildlife division.

“He’s not holding it captive,” Vaughn said. “Technically, it’s a wild turkey and is free to go where he wants.”


Feline and hen become fast fire friends

REDDING, Calif. (AP) — A cat seeking refuge from a raging Northern California wildfire found a fine-feathered friend as it awaited rescue from the heat and flames.

The Grass Valley Fire Department said Thursday a cat and chicken it rescued over the weekend are recovering from burns with the help of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The feline and hen were found Saturday huddling together on the front porch of a home in Redding during a firefighters’ patrol through a fire-damaged neighborhood.

The unlikely duo made it to safety riding in the same crate. The animals are expected to fully recover from their burn wounds while in the custody of SPCA.

The fire in and around Redding has claimed six lives, including two firefighters, and destroyed more than 1,000 homes.


Hawaii judge evicts Oahu nudists from rental house

HONOLULU (AP) — A Hawaii judge has ordered the eviction of the tenants of an Oahu rental home that advertised naked parties and gained the ire of neighbors.

The judge sided with the property manager, citing lease violations, multiple disturbances and running a business out of the Nuuanu home, Hawaii News Now reported Thursday.

Neighbors have complained of the so-called Freedom House’s loud parties, like naked yoga, and a fire that consumed a car. Neighbor David Brown said he frequently reported the parties to police.

An attorney for property manager Sakuma Realty said the home operated as an illegal business, which advertised online. The renters have denied that allegation.

“It’s just a website that I decided that I could have to have people come together,” tenant Brent Thomas said.

Tenant Amy Highmoor said the property manager and neighbors are retaliating because of their alternative lifestyle and her complaints about the home’s condition.

“I’m a naturalist. This is my religion and I have a right to be nude,” Highmoor said. “I am not offensive.”

Lawyers for both sides will work out a moving date for the tenants.


Information from: KGMB-TV,


South Carolina septuagenarians spar over Costco samples

GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) — Free samples briefly turned a Costco warehouse club into a fight club for two senior citizens.

The State newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina, cites a July 26 Greenville police report saying it began when a 72-year-old man cut ahead of a 70-year-old man who was waiting for a complimentary piece of cheese.

It happened again as the 70-year-old was awaiting a cheeseburger sample. First there were angry words and then a punch.

Police say the cheeseburger stand worker confirmed the Hawaiian shirt-clad 72-year-old then smacked the 70-year-old, causing his hat and glasses to fly off.

The 72-year-old said he felt the other man was aggressive and about to hit him.

Police spokesman Donald Porter says authorities are seeking surveillance footage to sort it out, and no one has been arrested.


Several Passengers Aboard Diverted Flight From NYC to Florida Sickened by 'Dirty Socks' Odor

A flight from NYC to Florida had to be diverted to South Carolina because some passengers aboard complained of burning throats and chest pains after a potential hazmat situation from an unknown substance that passengers say smelled like "dirty socks."

Two-hundred-twenty passengers were on board Spirit Airlines Flight 779 from LaGuardia to Fort Lauderdale when it was diverted to Myrtle Beach after the airline said an "odor developed in a section of the aircraft."

“Reports are we have several occupants on a plane exposed to an unknown substance,” Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue can be heard saying over a radio on Broadcastify. “They have deplaned and are currently on the ramp. We have isolated and are attempting to get in contact with the airport fire.”

Officials were linking the medical complaints to that unknown substance that some passengers say smelled like “dirty socks.” There were concerns of a possible chemical on the aircraft that was making people sick, but nothing out of the ordinary was found.

“After specific monitoring and hazmat crews entering into the fuselage no substances were found,” Myrtle Beach Fire Department Lt. Christian Sliker said. “The plane is all clear.”

Despite no substances being discovered, fire officials say seven to 10 passengers were transported to an area hospital. Their condition was not immediately known.

Spirit Airlines said the source was being investigated and although the diversion was an inconvenience, the safety of their guests is "paramount."

“A supplemental aircraft is en route to Myrtle Beach to pick up our guests,” Spirit Airlines said in a statement.

Photos shared to social media show hundreds of passengers on the tarmac at Myrtle Beach as they wait for another plane to finish the journey to Florida.

FlightAware reports the flight took off from South Carolina around 3:30 Friday morning and landed safely in Fort Lauderdale around 5 a.m, about five hours after its original scheduled landing.



Mysterious foul odor plagues Utah city: 'If you smell something, say something'

A mysterious foul odor has one Utah city telling residents if you “smell something, say something.”

Residents have complained of a smell spreading across West Valley City, and city officials are trying to pinpoint where the odor is coming from.

“It’s kind of a sewer type smell,” West Valley City communications director Sam Johnson told FOX13 on Wednesday. “It’s just a musty, sewer smell that is very noticeable and very unpleasant that you can smell in certain parts of the city stronger, but it even comes down here to City Hall.”

West Valley City has been plagued by the smell for years, according to the station. The city launched a campaign urging residents to call city leaders so they can document complaints.

Johnson said the culprit could be a waste processor located outside West Valley City by a landfill and a warm summer breeze could filter the smell into nearby neighborhoods.

“Smells where they had to go inside, shut their windows," he described. “Things that were concerning to their kids.”

The odor has residents perplexed.

“Sometimes when you’re walking by it’s like death," Nicholas Britton, a West Valley City resident, told the station. "You’re like, what in the heck? You’re looking around thinking 'What the heck’s around?' Maybe an animal or something.”

Johnson hopes more complaints will convince Salt Lake County and Utah’s Department of Environmental Quality to do something about it.


Florida Man Dumps Port-A-Potty Waste In 7-Eleven As Revenge, Police Say

One poo-sible motive: The suspect was banned from the store in May.

As criminal accusations go, this one is pretty crappy.

A Florida man is accused of dumping a bucket containing human feces and urine inside a St. Petersburg 7-Eleven.

Damian A. Simms’ alleged act of criminal caca happened early Wednesday, according to The Smoking Gun. He “apparently obtained the waste from a portable toilet,” the site reported.

Splattered poop got on a straw hat and a do-rag, with a total estimated value of $28.

The 41-year-old Simms was ID’d by the store manager and recorded on surveillance video, according to the police report.

It’s possible the alleged bowel movement bucket dump was an act of revenge: The police report notes that Simms was banned from the store in May.

Simms was charged with trespass and criminal mischief, both misdemeanors. As of Friday, he was still in the Pinellas County Jail in lieu of $300 bond.

He has been ordered to stay away from the 7-Eleven and its manager, according to Fox News.

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