Living Legends: Janet Barnett And Jodie Smolik

Records are gathered from the county clerks' offices and from the Fayette County health department and area hospitals. Fayette County records appear weekly. Other counties appear biweekly. Contact Sally Scherer at



Central Baptist Hospital

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Feb. 12: Russell and Elizabeth Wyndham, Lexington, boy.

Feb. 14: Charles and Kerri Hensley, Richmond, girl.

William and Rebecca Kent, Lexington, boy.

James and Lauren Simms, Lexington, boy.

Feb. 15: Timothy and Stephanie Bischoff, Lexington, girl.

Robert and Samantha Collins, Georgetown, boy.

Jerad and Lindsay Cornelius, Versailles, boy.

Erik and Christina Fields, Lancaster, girl.

Lewis Hayes and Ariane Brown, Lexington, boy.

Jeffrey and Tracy McMahon, Paris, girl.

Christopher and Bethany Potter, Lexington, boy.

Adam and Amber Rose, Berea, boy.

Lonnie and Tracy Vice, Owingsville, girl.

Diana Dolen, Whitley City, girl.

Tiffany Thomas, Lexington, boy.

Feb. 16: Casey and Kimberlin Alsop, Georgetown, girl.

Seth and Laura Carter, Lexington, boy.

Andriy and Galina Gedz, Nicholasville, girl.

Tennessee Harris and Deshamonique Allen, Lexington, girl.

James Johnson II and Elizabeth Bolton, Lexington, girl.

Shane and Megan Mattox, Cynthiana, boy.

Paul and Jennifer McCaffrey, Lexington, girl.

Michael and Shandi Potter, Lexington, girl.

Bradley and Whitney Wilson, Lexington, boy.

Ashley Couch, Lexington, girl.

Angelica Diaz, Lexington, boy.

Nicole McKinney, Campton, boy.

Feb. 17: Eddie Blankenship and Tianna Jones, Lexington, boy.

Caleb and Janet Brock, Nicholasville, boy.

John and Katherine Carter, Lexington, girl.

Kristopher and Genelle Hix, Lexington, girl.

James and April House, London, girl.

David and Sandra Ritchie, Hillsboro, boy.

Darren Wilson and Brianna Jones, Richmond, boy.

April Adams, Lexington, girl.

Ashley Livingston, Lexington, girl.

Feb. 18: Jeremy and Deonica Asbery, Lancaster, boy.

Richard Bryant and Jessica Smith, Nicholasville, girl.

Vadzim and Heather Ivanis, Richmond, boy.

Kevin and Jessica Little, Versailles, girl.

Keith and Paula Parm, Mount Sterling, boy.

Noe and Dana Pineda, Nicholasville, girl.

Sean Schome and Chelsea McDonald-Schomp, Lexington, boy.

Christopher Wolfe and Maria Miller, Richmond, boy


Rohaun and Anita Woodard, Lexington, girl.

Feb. 19: Rodney and Devona Morris, Gray Hawk, boy.

Michael and Andrea Smith, Richmond, girl.

Prajosh Thaykandy and Divya Kumakan Nirmala, Lexington, girl.

Johnny and Lisa Wells, Lexington, boy.

Feb. 20: William Bruin and Lauren Wilson, Lexington, boy.

Aaron and Whitney Cveticanin, Lexington, boy.

Scott and Jodi Roessler, Lexington, boy.

Tara Klingler, Georgetown, boy.

Feb. 21: Jonathon and Jessica Barnett, Mount Sterling, girl.

Anthony and Stephanie Higgins, Lexington, boy.

Aaron and Nadia Martin, Georgetown, girl.

Maurice Mulder Jr. and Cortney Jeffries, Berea, girl.

Eric and Holly Polk, Lexington, girl.

Ramesh Singamsetty and Shireesha Bomineni, Lexington, girl.

Feb. 22: Otis and Sarah Broderick, Georgetown, boy.

Christopher Darmond and Amy Duncliffe, Lexington, girl.

Nathan Gross and Shawna Wiley, Lexington, boy.

James Hatton and Rachel Jackson, Winchester, boy.

Michael and Tara Helton, Berea, boy.

Mark and Kinsey Howard, Cynthiana, boy.

Gregory and Shannon Mink, Lexington, boy.

William Jr. and Kayla Patrick, Irvine, girl.

Kenneth Price and Heaven Fox-Price, Nicholasville, boy.

Josh Wireman and Kristina Hayes, Lexington, girl


Women's Hospital at St. Joseph East

Jan. 27: Ben and Erin Schulte, Lexington, girl.

Kayla Fields, Lexington, girl.

Willis Hurley and Natasha Owens, Fisty, girl.

Douglas and Amy Williams, Winchester, boy.

Jennifer Campbell, Hazard, boy.

Jan. 28: Ashley and Dena Garrett, Lexington, boy.

Jan. 29: Austin Burger and Victoria Meece, Georgetown, boy.

Mark and Morgan Adams, Winchester, girl.

Joshua and Emily Morris, Lexington, girl.

James and Rachel Smitson, Nicholasville, girl.

Jan. 30: Nicholas and Bonnie Brewer, Ewing, boy.

Jonathan and Anna Esterling, Mount Sterling, boy.

Ben and Christina Ramsey, Lexington, boy.

Jeff and Teresa McCreary, Irvine, boy.

Jan. 31: Ciara Slaughter, Lexington, girl.

Randall and Amanda Trent, Nicholasville, boy.

Tyler Lopez and Kimberly Heath, Nicholasville, girl.

James Shipley and Tiffany Kaylor, Richmond, girl.

Robert and Renee Carter, Lexington, boy.

Nathan Smith and Rochelle Sims, Frankfort, boy.

Jason and Margaret Adkins, Lawrenceburg, boy.

David and Lauren Briggs, Lexington, boy.

Tony and Amy Janutolo, Manchester, girl.

Andrew and Wendy Watkins, Lexington, boy.

Feb. 1: Brian and Chasitidy Staggs, Lexington, girl.

Steve and Jennifer Hall, Winchester, girl.

Tanner Banks and Anna Arvin, Winchester, boy.

Anthony and Regina Thompson, Nicholasville, girl.

Kristopher and Melinda Scott, Georgetown, boy.

Kyle and Chenetra Campbell, Lexington, girl.

Feb. 2: Stephen Watts and Susan Martin, Lexington, boy.

Feb. 3: Michael and Jennifer Hartman, Nicholasville, girl.

Aaron Crites and Heather Fenner, Winchester, boy.

Ed Johnson and Tamara Huff, Lexington, boy.

Patrick and Kelly Childers, Frankfort, girl.

Shaea Duncan, Richmond, girl.

Victoria Kirby, Lexington, boy.

Edward and Emily Ray, Lexington, girl.

Feb. 4: Jonathon and Shelly Angel, Booneville, girl.

David and Crystal Silbert, Carlisle, boy.

Joshua and Rebecca Dahl, Richmond, boy.

Michael and Samantha Wright, Lexington, boy.

William Elliott and Hannelore Dima, Lexington, boy.

Dawnisha Anderson, Georgetown, boy.

Brandon and Tavia King, Lexington, girl.

Feb. 5: Hunter Tucker and Megan Ham, Winchester, boy



Tracey Monique Stinson and Thomas Cicero Wallace Jr.

Heather Jean Paris and Gregory Lynn Meads.

Heather Dawn Adams and Christopher Lee Heitz.

Candece Carol Jeter and Christian David Ecker.

Amanda Michelle Scolf and Oscar Jese Sotelo Perez.

Ginger Ellen Hedden and Guy Wilburn Rosenbalm.

Leila Xiomara Trejo and Miguel Angel Martinez Mendoza.

Shelly Jean Conley and James Glenn Thompson.

Lauren Danniella Kerr and Jordan Shea Ellis.

Donna Sue Collins and Troy Ashley Townsend.

Brittany Danielle Perkins and Nicholas Allasondro McComber.

Mellane Ginnell Rambo and Andrew John Harding.

Holly Lynn Harris and Chadwick Joseph Vonluehrte.

Jennifer Nicole Doty and Donald Wayne Roe.

Zlata Anatoliyevna Fatyeyeva Mohrmann and Alexander Ivanowitsch Jakobi.

Rhonda Jean Allen and Joshua Douglas Demarcus.

Jessica Lee Corson and Ricky Lee Riggs.

Brenda Darlene Welch and Fred Barrett Anderson.

Sheila Marie Edwards and Eduardo Duran Hernandez.

Julie May Lambert and Jason Scott Woodall.

Christina Rose Salfi and Michael Lee Eldridge.

Kathryn Louise Bartlett and Clyde Wallace Casteel.

Leray Maxine Madison and John Robert Hill Jr.

Rita Pradhan and Subash Dev Manandhar.

Bernette Washington and Donnie Ray Conner.

Valeri Dawn Clark and Mark Russell Stevens.

Marsha Pauline Hisle and Raymond Clyde McDaniel.

Norma Alicia Gomez Jeronimo and Juan Antonio Reyes.

Alyce Renate Canter and Kevin Jay Waldo.

Jessica Suzanne Walker and Sean Heath Mcguire.

Ivette Vianey Sandoval Ruiz and Josue Puga.

Kristen Leigh Berry and Markham William Dowell II.

Windy Jo Clemmons and Jeffrey Owen Fields.


Lisa Kathryn Wells and Christopher Todd Wells.

Joanna Marie Badagliacca and Robert Sher Tannenbaum.

Sheri Lynn Curry and Maurice Allen Curry.

Andrew Thomas Kinee and Mary E. Kinee.

Talina Louise Glover and Antowan Clell Glover.

Jeffery Wayne Overbey and Danielle Catherine Overbey.

Latrice R. Jackson Thompson and Earl Maurice Thompson.

Olivia Bernadette Baker and Darrell Demetrius Baker.

Stacey Irene Boyles-Trejo and Jamie Trejo-Sanchez.

Mary Catherine Cannella and Gary Charles Cannella.

Thomas Scott Sullivan and Angela Lucy Sullivan.

Anne C. Conley and Robert Lewis Conley.


American Express Bank FSB vs. John Goldthorpe, et al. for $48,193, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Arion Jetta vs. Richard B. Qualls for $4,000, etc., claimed due for an alleged injury.

Atis LLC vs. Keith G. Tyler for $5,731, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Bank of America vs. Christine L. Adriani for $16,977, etc. claimed due on a contract.

Calvary Portfolio Services, LLC vs. Douglas Holloway for $4,953, etc. claimed due on a contract.

Chase Home Finance LLC vs. Chistopher S. Reardon et al. for $115,069, etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Emily A. Schmett vs. David L. Pryse for an undetermined amount claimed due for an alleged injury.

George Hanna vs. Pickett & Dunn Roofing & Sheet Metal for an undetermined amount, claimed due for a breach of contract.

Great Northern Insurance Co. vs. Suburban Propane for $100,000, etc., claimed due for property damage.

Keeneland Association vs. Jack Smith dba Jack Smith Thoroughbreds for $45,188, etc. claimed due on a contract.

Professional Financial Services vs. Ebony Nava for $5,105, etc, claimed due on a contract.

Ron Blake vs. Jeff Dehaven for $9,050, etc., claimed due on a contract.

University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union vs. Christopher J. Wright for $5,343, etc. claimed due on a contract.

U.S. Bank N.A. vs. William T. Hamlin for $283,467, etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

Chase Bank USA vs. the following, claimed due on a contract:

■ Martin E. Hall for $21,297, etc.

■ Chad T. Prewitt for $7,095, etc.

■ Mark A. Edwards for $25,093, etc.

■ Charlotte C. Hunt for $10,556, etc.

■ Thomas P. Embry for $5,022, etc.

Discover Bank vs. the following, claimed due on a contract:

■ Michael McBrayer for $13,881, etc.

■ Oscar Victor Ordaz for $5,002, etc.

FIA Card Services vs. the following, claimed due on a contract:

■ Sheila C. Kuykendall for $10,034, etc.

■ Thomas P. Osborn for $33,827, etc.

Midland Funding LLC vs. the following, claimed due on a contract:

?? James Freeman, Jr. for $5,303, etc.

■ Sharma Baikuntha for $16,204, etc.

■ Louise Turner for $9,291, etc.

■ James Morton for $10,446, etc.

■ Charles Cox for $5,274, etc.

■ Patricia White for $5,136, etc.

■ David Riggins for $10,873, etc.

■ Rebecca Howard for $4,658, etc.

■ Garrett Rector for $5,314, etc.

■ Aimee Giddings for $6,668, etc.

■ Andre Williams for $4,649, etc.

■ Jude McPherson for $4,691, etc.

■ Debbie Florence for $4,311, etc.

■ Stephen Brown for $4,489, etc.

■ James Salyers for $5,213, etc.

■ Amy McClintock for $7,657, etc.

■ Cornell Hurley for $7,616, etc.

■ Lee Lewis III for $5,175, etc.

■ Ernest Phelps for $5,501, etc.

■ Jennifer Potts for $5,593, etc.

■ Owen Tackett for $5,350, etc.

■ James Jordan for $18,361, etc.

■ Paul Gardner for $4,271, etc.

■ Barrett Bower for $12,030, etc.

■ Jeffrey Keller for $4,526, etc.

PNC Bank vs. the following, claimed due on a contract:

■ Buck Pond Farm, et al. for $505,499.

■ McKathan Brothers Farm LLC for $499,778, etc.

Shelter Insurance Company vs. the following, claimed due on a contract:

■ Chawn Clarence Vaughan et al. for $13,622, etc.

■ Rigeberto M. Ventura for $14,699, etc.

Wells Fargo Bank, NA vs. the following:

■ Edward Campbell et al. for $154,768, etc. claimed due on a mortgage.

■ Angela G. Connell, et al. for $133,392, etc. claimed due on a contract.



Pattie A. Clay Regional Medical Center, Richmond

Feb. 15: Michael and Antonia Biggs, Richmond, girl and boy.

Carl Bratcher and Kerri Gullett, Berea, girl.

Feb. 16: David Hardy and Sheila Stamper, Irvine, girl.

Feb. 17: Davis Coffey and Erica Broyles, Berea, girl.

Tinsley Peach and Otilia Rueda, Ravenna, boy.

Feb. 18: Chad and Jennifer Short, Berea, boy.

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Living Legends: Janet Barnett And Jodie Smolik


Living Legends: Janet Barnett And Jodie Smolik

Living Legends: Janet Barnett And Jodie Smolik


Living Legends: Janet Barnett And Jodie Smolik

Living Legends: Janet Barnett And Jodie Smolik


Living Legends: Janet Barnett And Jodie Smolik