Kirsten Gillibrand Pays The Price For Speaking Out Against Al Franken

Reaction to a terrible week for the left on 'Hannity.'

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JEANINE PIRRO, FOX NEWS HOST: Welcome to this special edition of "Hannity," scandals plaguing the Democrats. I'm Jeanine Pirro in tonight for Sean. It's been a terrible week for the left.

Senator Al Franken is under fire after this photo was made public by radio host Leanne Tweeden. She is accusing Senator Franken of sexual misconduct which he is now apologizing for.

Then, with the Uranium One scandal heating up, Hillary Clinton appears to be getting very nervous about the potential for a special counsel being appointed to investigate that nuclear deal. Clinton is now trying to spin the idea of a special counsel a as, quote, "authoritarian." And Hillary continues to make excuses for why she lost in 2016. The failed presidential candidate is questioning the legitimacy of President Trump's victory.

Plus, the day of reckoning is finally coming for the Clintons. Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is saying Bill Clinton should have resigned over his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Here's what she told the New York Times.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is it your view that President Clinton should have stepped down at that time given the allegations?

SEN. KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND, D-NEW YORK: Yes. I think that is the appropriate response. But I think things have changed today and I think under those circumstances, there should be a very different reaction.


PIRRO: This comes as many on the left and members in the media are finally starting to admit the sexual misconducted allegations against President Bill Clinton or dismissed and downplayed. And that Clinton's accusers were widely attacked and discredited. Look at a couple of these headlines. Vox. "Bill Clinton should have resigned, what he did to Monica Lewinsky was wrong and he should have paid the price."

From the New York Times, "What about Bill?" Sexual misconduct debate revives questions about Clinton. And from The Atlantic, "Bill Clinton: A reckoning." Feminists save the 42nd president of the United States in the 1990s. They were on the wrong side of history. Is it finally time to make things right? This is a major change from what we have seen as recently as the 2016 campaign. Look at how the media attacked Clinton's accusers back then.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A trio of women who say Bill Clinton made unwanted sexual advances in the 1980s and 1990s. Mr. Clinton denies it two of the cases were plagued by factual discrepancies.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When it was Bill Clinton's problem, almost in the moment Republicans tried to make it an issue and it didn't work. So, why is it going to work 20 years later with his wife? I just don't see it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And the issue with Bill Clinton's past, is it fair game and it would be if he were running for president but he isn't. Hillary Clinton isn't running for president.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I would like to apologize to those tramps that have slept with my husband.


Maybe she could have said that.


PIRRO: Joining us now with reaction are radio talk show host Tammy Bruce, media reporter for The Hill Joe Concha, former Clinton pollster and Fox News contributor Doug Schoen and American conservative union chair Matt Schlapp.

All right. I'm going to start with you, Joe, from The Hill. Why the difference? What happened between when Bill Clinton was accused and everyone saying, gee, this is a private matter. Let's just let bygones be bygones and these women can't be believed today.

JOE CONCHA, THE HILL: Judge, there is an old saying where if you abandon your principles for convenience they are not your principles. They are your costume. In other words principles are only principles when they are exercised at times of inconvenience. So now, when members of the left leaning media or politicians like Senator Gillibrand speak out about this, it rings hollow because the time to speak out was either in the 1990s when President Clinton was in office or during the 2016 campaign when his wife was running and she ran a narrative back in the 1990s and even each last year dismissing his accusers. You had to do it and do it now it means nothing because the Clintons don't mean anything to them anymore. They don't have any more use for them anymore.

PIRRO: Okay. So, Doug, if what Joe was saying was correct and I think this all started with Donna Brazile. I mean, yes, you know, the Clintons kind of going out of power, I mean, Senator Gillibrand, I mean, does she look ridiculous? I mean, on the one hand she says, you know, Hillary Clinton is this great woman who is a supporter of women and within 10 months she is saying, you know, Bill Clinton really is, you know, he shouldn't have been --

DOUG SCHOEN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I think there is a special place in hell for Kirsten Gillibrand.


SCHOEN: She was elected with the help of both Clintons. They campaigned. They fund raised. They extended themselves. And now you saw how she jumped at the chance to say Bill Clinton should for some reason retrospectively resign from office.

PIRRO: But should he have resigned? Let's start with that question.

SCHOEN: Here's the answer. It was fully litigated with a special prosecutor.

PIRRO: What was litigated?

SCHOEN: What was litigated was the whole case of what he did inappropriately with Monica Lewinsky.

PIRRO: Okay. His semen was on her dress. He is the president of the United States. She is a 20-year-old intern.

SCHOEN: Right. He was impeached and the Senate didn't convict. And as far as I'm concerned it's done.

PIRRO: Okay. So, because it happened in the past.

SCHOEN: Let's deal with the present like Uranium One.

PIRRO: Okay. But I'm not going there.

SCHOEN: I'm going where the American people need to be.

PIRRO: You're going where I'm going.

SCHOEN: All right.

PIRRO: I'm hosting this right now. Okay, Matt, go.

MATT SCHLAPP, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION CHAIRMAN: Yes. So, basically what's happening is the Clinton legacy was Republicans were just focusing on sex. And it was all just about sex. And Bill Clinton wanted to get to the work of the American people, what's happened all these many years later is that alibi, that ridiculous answer to fooling around with an intern, raping, attacking, it's not going to cut it. The American people are tired of the white washing of the Clinton scandals which started with this. And if Bill Clinton had been the -- can you imagine if Hillary Clinton had won and Bill Clinton was the first gentleman? We would be going through this all over again.

PIRRO: First of all, is he not a gentleman, okay?

SCHLAPP: Yes. I say that in quotation marks. Okay?

PIRRO: So, Tammy, now I'm going to go to you.


PIRRO: Let's talk about this case. Had Bill Clinton been made accountable for what he did and there is uncontroverted evidence that you want to talk about an abuse of power, there is nothing more dispirit than the president of the United States and a 20-year-old intern in the Oval Office and his semen on her dress. If that had been dealt with appropriately and not alleged to be a private matter between bill and Hillary instead, there would have been thousands of women who would not have been affected in the workplace. Had we been dealt with it as a country as opposed to what 30 years later?

BRUCE: Well, but we also heard stories prior to his election about his behavior. Now we know with the Weinstein situation, Kevin Spacey, et cetera, that there are patterns to predators. In fact, the Lewinsky situation may have been the one consensual dynamic in his history of predation.


BRUCE: So, this is, you know, we're talking about, you know, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones leading up to the presidency during the presidency and of course who knows what after. But what this is really about, Judge, is that fact that the Democrats, are this dangerous now. They don't care that they facilitated this in the 90s. All they want to do now is try to remake history so that they can be pretend to be moral betters or moral superiors again so they can lecture us on the Republicans who are doing it. They don't care about the issue. They do not care about women. They abandoned their female.

SCHOEN: What he did was wrong.

BRUCE: Doug, did I not interrupt you, Doug. The bottom-line here is, is that this is a complete meltdown and the fact that there so -- and it's not just Gillibrand. It's pretty much everyone throwing Clinton under the bus when, in fact, what are we going to have next? A committee to determining whether or not Ted Kennedy should be censured because he left a woman to die at the bottom of the lake?

SCHOEN: Oh, God!

BRUCE: The Democrats have been treating women like crap for decades. And this is a reckoning and it's important for every part of the establishment where powerful men prey on women that they think are beneath them and it's time to end that.

PIRRO: I want to follow up on one thing, Tammy. But the Democrats are supposedly the party that support women. Where is Nancy Pelosi on all of this? Where is -- where was Kirsten Gillibrand who was fighting for women and, you know, making sure that women had an appropriate place to go in the military if they were sexually assaulted? Is she a hypocrite? Is she a user? What is Kirsten Gillibrand in all of this?

BRUCE: This is where I agree with Doug. Is that the fact that she is in that seat because of the help of the Clintons.

PIRRO: We have all known his behavior. I as a feminist at the time condemned now, and all of the feminist who are supporting him and enabling him including his wife who remains an enabler, and women like Gillibrand, this is the point. So opportunistic, so craven that they don't even care whatever they can do to get more power or to keep their seat. Doug is absolutely right. But this is where we have got to stand together in a unified framework to condemn that and realized though, why they're doing it? All they see it is a political opportunity. And this of course is an existential issue. And I think that their silence is part of enabling of this dynamic.

PIRRO: Okay. All right. Doug, I'm going to let you go.

SCHOEN: Sure. Simple point, anybody to Tammy's point, Democrat or Republican who is engaging in this kind of harassment should go. We have evidence from Franken. He has acknowledged it. Sarah Sanders is right. Touching the woman's breasts when she was asleep is abhorrent. The apology isn't enough. He should go. Period.

PIRRO: What does that mean? He should resign.

SCHOEN: He should resign. Tammy is exactly right.

PIRRO: How do you get him to resign?

SCHOEN: Invite him to.

PIRRO: Well, go ahead.

CONCHA: I know the media will not help in that regard. Yesterday during Sarah Huckabee Sanders' press briefing, this is right after Al Franken news broke. Number one topic on Twitter. Everybody is talking about it. Let me break down for you. The transcript of the press briefing. Fifteen questions on Roy Moore. How many questions on Al Franken, one. How many on Robert Menendez? One. What are those politicians have in common? They are both sitting senators and they got two questions combined while Roy Moore got 15 from the White House press corps. That's bias.

PIRRO: He's crazy.

CONCHA: But let me jump in this Bob Menendez situation which is, yes, he had a mistrial but that trial wasn't even looking at many of these sexual allegations which, an ethics committee investigation will look at with Bob Menendez. These tawdry accounts of what happened when he went on these trips.

PIRRO: Well, that's bribery corruption.

CONCHA: No, no, no, no.


There is also sexual harassment allegations.

BRUCE: With the prostitute.

PIRRO: Right.

SCHLAPP: These are issues that look, everything with the president or senators, we can all talk about the law and the law is important. But in the end, it's also politics. And there is something going on in this country where the American people think the country is on the wrong track. They think there is too many crooks in Washington, D.C. They are tired of Congress and they're tired of the run around. And they are not seeing their lives improve. And they are not going to take this crap from their elected officials any longer. I have seen a big change.

PIRRO: So, when the Democrats are saying Gillibrand right now saying, I want, you know, the Clintons gone, this isn't just about Donna Brazile and the rest of them saying, let's get rid of the Clintons. This is about them saying, everybody saying let's clean this all up. But what I don't understand.

SCHLAPP: The media has covered for too many Democrats for too long.

Republicans don't get covered. That's the one difference. Democrats get covered by their left wing friends in the media. And I think on these topics, that's over.

PIRRO: But you know what? When Gillibrand -- may I ask? I'm going to ask you this, Tammy. When Gillibrand then says, you know, she tried to clarify by saying by today's standards this is terrible, you know. Not by yesterday's standard. As if a rape 30 years ago wasn't as bad as it is today. When an imbalance in power wasn't as bad as it is today. That's just stupid. It's an excuse.

BRUCE: I don't know what planet she has been living on. Because there were a lot of people who were outraged with what was going on with Bill Clinton. For her, it's the situational ethics. Right. For her it's in the moment with what appeals to her. She is a liberal in this day and age. If you are a liberal and a Democrat in this day and age, something is wrong with you. The bottom-line is --

SCHOEN: I'm a liberal and a Democrat. I think I'm okay.

PIRRO: And you think she should be gone?

SCHOEN: I think politically what she said was abhorrent. I don't think she should resign but I hope her constituents -- of course she is a hypocrite. I said that. Special place in hell. I think we investigate people without regard to party. We get rid of anybody who is an abuser, period.

SCHLAPP: She is being honest and the fact is more Democrats are going to do with --

PIRRO: How is she honest?

SCHOEN: She is a hypocrite.

SCHLAPP: Hold on. She is doing it for political reasons and I buy that in her party they are having a big divorce with Clinton incorporated which I think is lovely. But what's going to happen

PIRRO: No. What they are doing is paving the way for the next Democrat and she is looking to make sure that she is in power with the next one.

SCHOEN: Exactly. Judge, you are exactly right.

PIRRO: She is a user.

SCHLAPP: I like the Democrats turning on Clintons and saying that the --


PIRRO: It's the Republicans that turn on Clinton and use the Justice Department the way it's supposed to be used. However, I digress. Final word, Joe?

CONCHA: I don't think there are any special places in hell, right? I mean, it's a pretty dark place.

SCHOEN: But there are special prosecutors on Uranium One. That's what we should be focusing on because that's today's news and that's what matters.

PIRRO: Let me finish this up, Tammy.

BRUCE: One thing is that they say it's about bipartisanship, no matter who is doing it. Only when they lose control of the narrative. The fact is by throwing Clinton under the bus, they mean to try to have it only be about Republicans. Look what we did. We got rid of that one and they want control back. That's not going to happen. This is about Democrats hypocrisy of saying that they represent every woman in this country.

SCHOEN: You talk over me but it doesn't make you right.

BRUCE: It's been a fraud for decades. The feminist movement and the Democratic Party have been a fraud for decades and now people know.

SCHOEN: To me it's right and wrong. Right and wrong. Anybody who abuses, regardless of party, should go. Matt is right. Let's clean out the entire process.

SCHLAPP: We could have more senators, new senators than we have ever had in our history if the standard is this kind of behavior is not accepted.

SCHOEN: Amen, let's have it happen.

PIRRO: Joe Concha from the Hill. Last word.

CONCHA: Sexual harassment is not a partisan issue. No one has a moral high ground anymore.

PIRRO: And you know what the shame of it is, it has been a partisan issue, parties have covered for themselves.

BRUCE: And the Democrats are supposed to be the owners of it. They're not.

PIRRO: Thank you a lot of energy here tonight.

SCHOEN: Thank you.

PIRRO: Coming up, we have more on Senator Al Franken being accused of sexual misconduct. And later, the walls seem to be closing in on Hillary Clinton. How sad. We'll explain why the controversy surrounding her aren't going away any time soon. As this special edition of "Hannity" by Jeanine continues.


PIRRO: Welcome back to this special edition of "Hannity." Earlier today, Leanne Tweeden, the radio host who accused Senator Al Franken of sexually harassing her back in 2006 appeared on "The View" where she described how the Democratic senator forcefully kissed her while they were on the same USO Tour. Take a look at this.


LEANNE TWEEDEN, RADIO HOST: He just sort of comes at me and he puts his hand behind my head and he comes in and it happened so fast. You know, he just comes in and he mashes his mouth against my mouth and sticks his tongue in my mouth. And I was so shocked because, of course, I was not expecting that at all, right? I'm thinking that was the last thing I was expecting. And I pushed him away from me. And I'm like if you ever do that to me again, you know, what are you doing?


PIRRO: Tweeden also shared a note she received from Senator Franken apologizing for that incident as well as for taking this photo which shows Franken groping Leanne as she slept during that same USO Tour. Take a look at this.


TWEEDEN: I had a letter from Al saying, Dear Leanne, I want to apologize to you personally, I don't know what was in my head when I took that picture. But that doesn't matter. There is no excuse and I can understand why you would feel violated by that photo. I remember that rehearsal differently but what's important is that, the impact it had on you and you felt violated by my actions and for that I apologize. I have tremendous respect for your work for the USO and I'm ashamed that my reactions ruined that experience for you. I'm so sorry, sincerely Al Franken.


PIRRO: After this disturbing story surfaced yesterday, senators on both sides of the aisle call for an ethics investigation into Senator Franken.

Joining us now with the reaction is Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera and Fox News contributor and host Deneen Borelli. All right, guys, I will start with you, Deneen. What should happen to Al Franken?

DENEEN BORELLI, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, listen, he got caught red- handed, thank goodness for photographic evidence, right? I think he should step down. And listen, when you look at the two sides of the spectrum here, the Republicans, Democrats, the media would be screaming and calling for a person to step down if they were Republican. You had the Democrats who were saying, it should be investigated. So, clearly, if the man had any morals, any common sense, I think he should step down.

PIRRO: All right, Geraldo?

GERALDO RIVERA, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT-AT-LARGE: I just don't buy that. I think that what infuses this entire epidemic of sex harassment claims is a deep sense of political partisanship. The Republicans are appalled when the Democrats do it. The Democrats are appalled when the Republicans do it. I think that there is really no moral high ground. The rules have changed and until people get used to the new normal, there are a lot of people like Senator Franken who are and perhaps Judge Roy Moore who are going to go down because they haven't caught up with the new rules.

I think that between now and thanksgiving all the rehab centers in the country are going to be filled with people doing their mea culpas, Judge.

I think what we are seeing now is a hinge in history.

PIRRO: Okay.

RIVERA: We are seeing people coming to grips with what has been a problem for a long time.

PIRRO: You know, Geraldo, what I said in the earlier segment was this. Had we dealt with Bill Clinton, had the Democratic Party and not so much because it's the Democratic Party, but it was the party that supposedly stands up for women, had they done what they should have done, so many women would not have been subjected to what happened. Because, you know, they -- this was a man who did something that could have been proven because there was this differential in terms of power between the intern situation that was proven.

Now when we have Al Franken now saying, I don't know what was in my head when I took the picture, he really wasn't apologizing for grabbing her and kissing her. He is apologizing for taking a picture which was proof positive of his groping her breasts. I mean, what kind of apology is that?

BORELLI: It's not.

RIVERA: Well, I think that Franken is in deep, deep doodoo right now. He was my favorite candidate to represent the Democrats in 2020 against President Trump in the presidential election.

PIRRO: Really?

RIVERA: Now his career is toast. His career is absolutely over. Now he may and it's really up to him and his family and the Senate Ethics Committee whether he can survive out his term but his national aspirations are gone. He is being punished my goodness in a way that is profoundly unsettling to a person as you can possibly imagine. I don't know what Leann -- why she held this information for as long as she did, but I think that also indicates how things have changed.

Franken did this picture, the same year President Trump had this infamous conversation with Billy Bush for "Access Hollywood." That was only 2006. And yet the world is an entirely different place today.

BORELLI: Words versus actions. And listen, this ethics committee that's weak, too. Because we are just finding out this week that there is a slush fund to pay off women, hush money who have been sexually harassed by members of Congress. We are just finding out about this, anywhere from 15 to $17 million has already been paid out. This fund was established, I think, 15 years ago, Judge Jeanine.

PIRRO: Right.

BORELLI: That is absolutely outrageous. It's a club. Two sets of books, two sets of rules. We can't do anything like this.

PIRRO: You know, Deneen, what's so interesting about this is you're right, we just find out about it, 235 judgment, sexual harassment. Members of Congress, House and Senate, Geraldo, where $15 million between '15 and '17 if what you say is accurate where we, the taxpayers pay for the sexual harassment judgments. But, Geraldo, I want to go back. I want to talk about this ethics investigation. What sanction can an ethics investigation, what power do they have? Look, and who conducts the investigation? It's the old boys club. Who are we kidding?

RIVERA: I agree that there is a toothless aspect to it unless they can prove a crime. But you can't, for a minute, minimize how disruptive this is in the life of Senator Franken. He victimized this young lady 11 years ago.

PIRRO: His life is disrupted? Are you kidding me? Judgments show that they are covering up for each other, Geraldo, and I don't mean to interrupt you. It's not disruptive.

BORELLI: What kind of comment is that? That doesn't even make any sense.

RIVERA: You don't for a second.


RIVERA: Neither of you for a second pretends that huge slush fund has been used only to pay off the victims of Democrats, do you?

BORELLI: No, we didn't say that.

RIVERA: What about Senator Craig? What about Congressman Mark Foley, all Republicans?

PIRRO: Hold on. Hold on. Geraldo, we are not talking politics now. We are talking about men who abuse women.

RIVERA: Then we have to be equally outraged.

PIRRO: we are. That's a given. I don't care what their party is, Geraldo.


PIRRO: I spent my life prosecuting men who abuse women. I spent my life going after injustice whether it was age and youth and money and poverty or strong against the weak. That's the problem.

RIVERA: Let me tell you -- okay.

PIRRO: And Congress is just the epitome and the iceberg.

RIVERA: God bless you for that. But let me just say isn't it interesting that when Roy Moore got in a jam.

BORELLI: We are not talking about Roy Moore.

RIVERA: Then Al Franken got in a jam and all the Republicans are pouncing. That to me is evidence that there is more at work here, that hypocrisy is still ruling rather than morality.

PIRRO: Geraldo, there is photographic evidence, what more do you need?

Okay. I don't care. Here is what I care about, will it change, Deneen?

BORELLI: It's one big club just like I said.

PIRRO: But don't you think the American people are going to see it and they are going to say, we don't care what party you are in. And I think that, and you know what? The Democrats, if they are true to what they are saying now, if they are not just trying to deep fix the Clintons, if they are say we are going to stand up for women and as the Republicans say, we are going to stand up for women, then, you know what? Maybe there is a day of reckoning for everyone who abused the weaker.

BORELLI: Well, up until now they only stand up for women when they need their votes.

PIRRO: Last word, Geraldo.

RIVERA: I think that there is going to be really a period of extreme turmoil and people's lives being uprooted as more and more memories are refreshed by all of this. As more and more victims and purported victims are emboldened by the way that's obviously hit us on this. You don't know where this stops. These things and ours is really -- no one is guiding where the scandal goes right now. It's not Republicans aren't in control of it. Democrats aren't in control.

You no idea how many -- I remember in Washington where they used to wait for the seasonal interns to come for the new crop, the new crop. It was a well-known secret. That folly and others were preying on the interns. Wait until all of them now remember and are encouraged and emboldened to come forward. You have no idea where this is going to end up and no one is in control of it. That's what makes it so positive.

PIRRO: The operative word there is secret. It was an open secret. Whether it was Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood or what's going on in Washington.


PIRRO: Or what's going on in whatever world it is, it's time for those open secrets to stop being so secret. And Deneen Borelli, Geraldo Rivera, thanks for being with us.

Coming up, Hillary Clinton seems to be getting nervous about the scandal surrounding her. We will explain why she should be. It's a special edition of "Hannity," continues.


PIRRO: Welcome back to this special edition of Hannity. Scandals plaguing the Democrats. For months this program has been shining a light on one particularly damning scandal involving the Clintons. And the very sketchy sale of uranium one. Last night the Hill's John Solomon released a brand new report detailing that. Now, even Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein is seeking access to an informant who helped the FBI investigate a bribery case surrounding that Russian energy company, but Hillary Clinton wants you to think this scandal is much to do about nothing. Take a listen to this.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE: The uranium one story has been debunked countless times by members of the press, by independent experts. It is nothing but a, you know, a false charge that the Trump administration is trying to drum up. This is such an abuse of power and it goes right at the rule of law. If they send a signal that we're going to be like some dictatorship, some authoritarian regime where political opponents are going to be unfairly, fraudulently investigated, that rips at the fabric of the contract we have that we can trust our justice system.


PIRRO: In a radio interview early today, Hillary Clinton reiterated those comments and even called the uranium one scandal a, quote, political stunt. Joining us now with reaction is the author of Clinton cash. From the government accountability institute Peter Schweizer. Good evening, Peter.

PETER SCHWEIZER, "CLINTON CASH" AUTHOR: Hey, Judge. Great to see you.

PIRRO: Good to see you as well. When your book first came out in 2015, you know, did you ever wonder why in 2015 there wasn't an automatic investigation, you know, by congress, by the FBI, by the Justice Department and because, Peter, when I read that book, we covered it here. I covered it on justice. I mean, it was explosive. Your facts were uncontroverted. And, yet, Hillary Clinton says, you know, it was a false charge. It was, you know, it was controverted by, you know, press reports. I mean, what was -- what is she talking about?

SCHWEIZER: Yes. It's certainly not the way that I recall it. Look, you know, the book came out in April of 2015. The uranium one story we shared before the book became public with the investigative unit at the "New York Times." they ran a 4,000 word front page piece confirming the findings, the hidden donations, the cfius approval, the Clinton's connection to this drama. Really after the book came out, Judge, the FBI did launch an investigation. And they felt there was enough compelling evidence. This has been widely reported in the "Wall Street Journal" and other places. They felt there was enough evidence to get the Department of Justice to grant them subpoena powers.

And they were turned down by the Obama Justice Department. So, you know, her argument that this has been debunked. It hasn't been debunked. All the debunkers do, Judge, is they change the time line or they exclude facts and they say the fact pattern doesn't work because they excluded certain facts. What I have said from the beginning, you and I have talked about it. You're a seasoned prosecutor is, look, you just need to investigate and find out what happened and then you can figure out what crimes, if any, have been committed. And that is all we are calling for.

PIRRO: You know Peter, I have to commend you because but for you we wouldn't know about this. On my show, "Justice" one of the things I did was I talked about the fact that uranium is an essential ingredient for molly 99, which is the law in this country requires that we make in this country that we are now shipping uranium out to other countries and then paying for it. It's essential ingredient for nuclear medicine and for medical isotopes. And now it make sense to me that, you know the Russians were in such a rush to buy it, but what do you think is going to happen if this witness who was gagged and now Dianne Feinstein wants to hear from this FBI informant and is now ungagged, what do you think we're going to hear from him?

SCHWEIZER: Well, I have to say upfront, I have not met him. I don't know him. But, what I understand by looking at legal documents involving this case. This guy was an insider's insider. He was being paid by the Russian company $50,000 a month to serve as a lobbyist. And in the legal filings, what you find is his job was to basically carry the flag for this entity in Washington, D.C. and that job included setting up meetings with high ranking administration officials. This would have been the Obama administration. People on Capitol Hill. And other elite influence, you know, makers.

So, he was working in a very, very high level. And what has leaked out seems to indicate he has got a lot of information that relates specifically to uranium one. So, it's going to be very exciting and I think it's important to point out, Judge, also, remember, we already have a foreign government official saying that involving uranium one that he and his fellow government employees were extorted by the Clintons then Senator Hillary Clinton.

This comes from the Kazakhs head of their atomic agency saying that Senator Clinton refused to meet with Kazakhs officials unless and until they granted uranium concessions Frank Giustra to ended up giving more than $100 million to the Clinton foundation. So we have got that testimony. We have got this new witness coming out. It's going to get very interesting here in the weeks ahead.

PIRRO: Peter, were you ever afraid for your life as you were investigating this, as you were writing the book?

SCHWEIZER: Well, I will just say, this Judge, in general terms, you know, we do take and have taken security precautions. We do face, our organization cyber challenges on a regular basis. You know, this is important stuff. And I think the more public it is the better it is for everybody who is investigating it. Whether that is the informant or whether that is other journalists who were pursuing story.

PIRRO: Do you think ultimately there will be justice in this case?

SCHWEIZER: You know, I think there should be. And I think right now we take this step-by-step. And I remember, you and I sat down in New York and had lunch and you walked you me through the process of prosecution. It is a step by step, first thing we need to do is gather all the information without having one subpoena, without having looked at any of Hillary's emails, while not looking at any personal communications, we already have the transference of money. That money being hidden, not publicized by the Clintons that they received this money at the time the deal was being approved. And we have a witness, this foreign senior government official and we now have this other informant. That is a lot of evidence without one subpoena, without any investigatory powers being used. So let's gather all the information and find out what happened.

PIRRO: All right, Peter, thanks so much. Joining us now with more is investigative reporter Sarah Carter and Fox News contributor Charles Hurt. All right, guys, and Sarah Carter, of course, you have done incredible work on this. Kudos to you as well. I'm going to start with you. Is there any new information anything you know about the informant that we can tell the audience about tonight?

SARAH CARTER, CIRCA NEWS: Absolutely, Judge Jeanine. What I can say right now, is that we are going to be breaking a story next week that will show with multiple documents as well as other sourcing. That they were aware of the being under investigation by the FBI uranium one and had direct knowledge of the uranium one. The Justice Department has tried to kind of distance itself from that we saw that Attorney General Sessions made that statement well, you know, this case was criminal. It didn't have anything to do with uranium one. What I can tell you now is that we will show evidence that it did have a lot to do with uranium one. What they chose to look at was on the criminal side what they did not reveal was uranium one side.

PIRRO: Wow, and this is next week.

CARTER: Correct.

PIRRO: All right. Charlie, what's your take on this.

CHARLIE HURT, WASHINGTON TIMES: It's amazing to listen to that clip you played earlier of how Hillary Clinton talking about how she is being pursued and how unfair it is.

PIRRO: She is good, isn't she?

HURT: She is. It is amazing, truly amazing. Especially when you compare that to the fact what we do know what happened in the middle of the last election which is you had the Obama administration deploying the most advanced, sophisticated spying network known to man against the political opponent in the middle of a Presidential election. And for Hillary Clinton to sit here now and talk about how she is being pursued on political grounds, it's a laughing stalk.

I think a lot of other developments that don't have anything to do with this, but have Democrats jumping ship like rats trying to get away from the Clintons, I think it's going to put them in very, very tough situation and to answer a question you asked earlier, is she scared? She should be scared, but I bet because of 30 years of getting away with stuff like this, she is not scared.

PIRRO: You know, what's interesting, you know when she says things like it's a false charge. It's an abuse of power. You know the rule of law. It's a take dictatorship, all that stuff that she said in that clip that we just used is consistent with the false narrative that was created through the DNC and the Clinton campaign money.

HURT: Absolutely.

PIRRO: That went to Perkins coy that went to fusion GPS that then went to Christopher Steele and all that possibly used as a basis for the FISA warrant. I mean these people are -- they create the narrative, they buy the narrative, they pay for the narrative and, Sarah, I go back to you, the narrative that you and the truth that you have been able to get at, I mean do you think the Justice Department will finally be able to, you know look at this and, you know, you have created the crumbs that the Justice Department and congress oversight and reform are starting to look at. Do you think it will ever get to some grand jury to actually look at this?

CARTER: I actually do think so, Judge Jeanine. I think. So I was listening to Charlie Hurt and listening to you reiterate what's happened over the last year. So many stories. I don't think people even remember all the stories we broke earlier in the year on unmasking and the expansive laws of the NSA. Charlie brought that up. There is a lot of concern there, too. How far was the Obama administration listening in? Looking into people, political players? I mean, was it political espionage? And this is something that I think we really need to focus on. Something we really need to look at. I think when it comes to uranium one, yes, absolutely, with all the evidence out there, Peter Schweizer brought up some great points. We have evidence already. This is just more evidence.

And if they don't call for an investigation, I think a lot of Americans will be asking why.

PIRRO: You know what? And I feel -- I really feel and it's not the prosecutor in me, I just think the American people have had it. It's not right. If there is something -- and have you got these pieces that need to be looked at, the fact that no one is looking at them, I mean, congress can look at it, but congress doesn't have a grand jury. Anyway, I have to say thanks so much for being with us, Sarah and Charlie.

HURT: You bet, thank you.

PIRRO: Coming up, Hillary Clinton is still whining about last year's election. She just can't seem to accept that President Donald Trump beat her fair and square. We're going to play you her remarks. That and more as this special edition of "Hannity" continues. You're going to love it. Stay with us.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And Russian interference, do you think it was a legitimate election?

CLINTON: I think that there are lots of question about its legitimacy and we don't have a method for contesting that and our system that is why I have long advocated for independent commission to get to the bottom of what happened.


PIRRO: Even I can't believe that welcome back to this special edition of Hannity. That was Hillary Clinton this week still in denial about the 2016 election results. Hillary should stop whining and questioning the legitimacy of the election and start worrying about the scandals that are closing in on her, because President Donald Trump beat her fair and square. And joining us now with reaction is the founder of turning point USA, Charlie Kirk and GOPAC Chairman David Avella. All right, gentlemen, what do you think and I will start with you, Charlie. Should she be worried or is she right.

CHARLIE KIRK, TURNING POINT USA FOUNDER: She should be very worried. I mean look, she says we need a commission to figure it out. First of all, every single state has a board of elections and they independently certified the election results back from last November and, in fact, Jill Stein challenged all these election results through multiple lawsuits and it even corroborated President Trump's victory even further. He won the Electoral College in a total landslide. Finally, I was in Michigan campaigning with Donald Trump Jr. We were working our tail off. You know what, do you know why you lost, Hillary? You were doing fundraisers in San Francisco while we were talking to voters in Detroit. While we were talking to voters in Milwaukee. That is what happened. It's not Russian interference and voter suppression. You got outworked and did you not communicate to Middle Americans and you know what? She should be worried. She is equally lazy as she is also corrupt.

PIRRO: All right. So David Avella she say there are lots of questions about the legitimacy of the election. Are there?

DAVID AVELLA, GOPAC CHAIRMAN: The Democrats ought to be questioning the legitimacy of the election is Bernie Sanders and we can start with Donna Brazile's book. Had Hillary not in the rules written for her, who knows if she would have gotten the nomination? Look, here is why it is so good that Hillary Clinton lost. This week we wouldn't be talking about tax cuts. The house wouldn't have passed tax cuts had Donald Trump not won. We wouldn't be talking about getting rid of regulations to be creating jobs had Hillary Clinton -- had Donald Trump not won. So fortunately, of the only thing Hillary Clinton has to do is to complain about legitimacy. Fortunately Donald Trump is president and he is setting the agenda in Washington.

PIRRO: You know, Charlie, they talk about the Donald Trump derangement syndrome the fact that the Democrats can't deal with the fact that Donald Trump won. I talk with it all the time on my show "Justice." I talk about the fact that Hillary needs a lobotomy, because she keeps talking about the fact that, you know what happen, what went wrong, it was the Russia, it was Jim Comey, it was this, and it was that. It was the stars, the moon, whatever. I mean when does this woman go back into the woods? What is wrong with her? Doesn't she know people aren't listening to her anymore?

KIRK: Well, she needs a lobotomy. She also needs a really good lawyer. There are going to be indictments coming around.

PIRRO: Not unless Jeff Sessions either --

KIRK: I was going to say that Judge, I was going to say that. What's going on with Sessions? Sessions testifies this week there is not enough evidence to investigate? Are you kidding me? $130 million to a private foundation after a uranium deal was approved with the signature Turley of secretary? I mean, give me a break. He says there is not enough evidence for an investigation.

PIRRO: He said we need facts. He said we need facts.

KIRK: Those are facts. Following the money. You just don't wire $145 million to a foundation unless there is some pay-to-play. The Russians didn't give money to her, because they were so invested in the charitable interest of the Clinton foundation. It was pay-to-play through her private foundation.

PIRRO: You know what, Chris, they gave bill $500,000 for that speech in Moscow, because he is such a good speaker. David?

KIRK: He is so charismatic.

AVELLA: And the only people right now out there criticizing the Democrats or criticizing the Clintons are those Democrats who want to run in 2020. Kirsten Jill brand is doing a calculated decision to criticize the Clintons to try to appeal to the Bernie Sanders voters.

PIRRO: You know, what do you say about that, David that she turned like this? I mean, 10 months ago mostly cloudy is the greatest thing that ever happened to women and now all of the sudden she is like this user hypocrite that we should have forced him out.

AVELLA: As I just said, she is making a calculated decision about 2020 as to how does she separate herself from the PAC of all the Democrats who are running and how can she appeal to the Bernie Sanders voters. So now she is going to be anti-Hillary Clinton.

PIRRO: You know, that is not enough. There has to be a consequence. It's calculated, yes. You are a hypocrite. You are a user. Shouldn't there be a consequence, Charlie? You know, if you are that simple, if you go with the wind, should you represent us?

KIRK: No, you shouldn't. This is the modern Democratic Party. They are out sanctimoniously talking about sexual harassment for two weeks, saying that any Senator who ever involves himself with any of this behavior must resign immediately and Al Franken comes out with picture evidence and oh well we must have ethics investigation and have a conversation about that. One person says I hope he seeks therapy. Really, if a Republican did that you would be calling for his resignation yesterday. No, they shouldn't represent us. Complete hypocrisy not a double standard, it's a triple standard. As you know, the only reason Democrats are protected by all the elites.

PIRRO: OK. I have 15 seconds, David. What should happen to Al Franken?

AVELLA: He should resign. Everything we need to know --

PIRRO: What should happen to Moore?

AVELLA: Everything we should need to know about the Democratic Party.

PIRRO: Roy Moore.

AVELLA: We talked about Joe Biden, we talk about Hillary Clinton and all of the past leaders of the Democratic Party. There is no future to the Democratic Party.

PIRRO: That is it. Coming up, more of the special edition of "Hannity" right after the break. Stay with us.


PIRRO: Welcome back to the special edition of "Hannity." Unfortunately that is all the time we have this evening. Be sure to watch "Justice" tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. We will have an exclusive interview with Congressman Jim Jordan and Ron DeSantis. I traveled down to Washington, D.C. to ask them about the developing Clinton scandals and so much more. Plus, we'll have a new installment of "Street Justice" on who the sexiest man alive is again that is tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. We hope you join me tomorrow night. So have a great night. It's Friday night. In case you didn't know.

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Kirsten Gillibrand Pays The Price For Speaking Out Against Al Franken

Source:Fox News

Kirsten Gillibrand Pays The Price For Speaking Out Against Al Franken

Kirsten Gillibrand Pays The Price For Speaking Out Against Al Franken


Kirsten Gillibrand Pays The Price For Speaking Out Against Al Franken

Kirsten Gillibrand Pays The Price For Speaking Out Against Al Franken

Source:The Hill

Kirsten Gillibrand Pays The Price For Speaking Out Against Al Franken

Kirsten Gillibrand Pays The Price For Speaking Out Against Al Franken

Source:Hot Air

Kirsten Gillibrand Pays The Price For Speaking Out Against Al Franken

Kirsten Gillibrand Pays The Price For Speaking Out Against Al Franken

Source:Fox News

Kirsten Gillibrand Pays The Price For Speaking Out Against Al Franken