Kevin Durant Jukes Giannis Antetokounmpo Before Throwing Down Slam

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Overall Grade: A

No. 3: Joel Embiid, C, Kansas

The NBA draft started off perfectly for every team involved, at least when you consider who's on the board. Three selections, three perfect picks. 

Joel Embiid could emerge as the steal of the draft for the Philadelphia 76ers, seeing as he has as much upside as anyone, and then some more on top of that. He's been favorably compared to Hakeem Olajuwon for good reason. 

As long as his navicular fracture in the right foot and his back injury don't hold him back, he'll be a stud at center. Seeing him and Nerlens Noel in the frontcourt has to be terrifying for other teams. Actually, "terrifying" might not be a strong enough word. 

There's a reason this guy sat at No. 1 on so many draft boards before the foot injury popped up just prior to the draft-day proceedings. Philly may have wanted Andrew Wiggins, but this is one helluva consolation prize. 

No. 12: Dario Saric, SF/PF, Croatia 

Will Dario Saric play in 2014-15? Nope. 

Will he play for the Sixers in 2015-16? Nope. 

It'll be a while before the Croatian forward joins the team, but he's a high-upside player who was acquired for the No. 10 pick. Philly also picked up a selection in the 2017 NBA draft from the Orlando Magic, as reported by Grantland's Zach Lowe. And per Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, the Sixers also pick up a 2015 second-rounder. 

Saric is a versatile offensive player who will work well in the up-tempo Sixers scheme. Plus, with their abundance of young talents and draft picks, they can afford to go draft-and-stash this early. 

No. 32: K.J. McDaniels, SF, Clemson

If K.J. McDaniels continues to improve his outside shooting, he'll prove to be a huge steal at this early stage of the second round. And given the end of his career with Clemson, that's something that he can certainly do. 

A ridiculously good athlete with plenty of size for the small forward position, even at the NBA level, McDaniels will thrive as a defensive specialist who provides the occasional offensive contribution. Usually that will come by hitting a wide-open triple or throwing down a big slam in transition.

He's basically going to fill the Thabo Sefolosha role for Philadelphia, which finally gives the up-and-coming team some credibility on the less glamorous end. 

No. 39: Jerami Grant, SF, Syracuse

The Sixers must love the color Orange. 

Jerami Grant now joins former teammate Michael Carter-Williams, and the reigning Rookie of the Year will love to have a fellow Syracuse product in the lineup with him. He's a fantastic transition athlete who finishes around the rim with ease, but he's also a terrific rebounder with plenty of defensive potential. 

With Grant and McDaniels, the Sixers finally have some defensive pieces. 

No. 52: Vasilije Micic, PG, Serbia

Even though many international prospects are brought up to be great shooters, Vasilije Micic is not one of them. That makes him a rather strange pick for a team that desperately needs a perimeter threat in the backcourt, but his upside still makes him worth the selection. 

Not only does Micic have great size, but he's one of the best distributors in the draft. His court vision—aided by that 6'6" frame—is excellent, especially when he's running pick-and-rolls or picking out a teammate in transition. 

Improving his basketball I.Q. and no longer relying solely on instinct is of paramount importance, but the potential size of an MCW/Micic backcourt is off the charts. 

No. 58: Jordan McRae, SG, Tennessee

Now we're going to find a shooter. 

Jordan McRae might be hard-pressed to earn much playing time in a Philadelphia system that's absolutely overflowing with young talent, but he'll have a job if he can consistently put the ball in the basket. That's what he did during his four years at Tennessee, and his NBA career is entirely dependent on that continuing. 

The former Volunteer is a good athlete with defensive potential, but shooting is still going to be his niche in the Association. If he even has one. 

This pick was acquired from the San Antonio Spurs, per Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski.

Note: Philadelphia also gets bonus points for trading the No. 47 pick to the New Orleans Pelicans for the rights to Pierre Jackson, per Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowksi

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