Injured Warren Dog Recovering At Animal Welfare League

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) - Charges have been filed against a Warren woman, accused of leaving her dog alone outside in a cage without food or water in the cold. 

When police arrived, they say the dog, named Tinker, was visibly injured. He’s recovering at the Animal Welfare League (AWL). He is missing a few toenails on his back paw but is otherwise alright.

“They were able to suture it up, and I think right now he’s doing pretty well. He is definitely stable,” said Kayley Frost, interim director of the Animal Welfare League.

Police found Tinker injured on the back porch of a home on Haymaker Avenue Saturday after receiving a call from a concerned neighbor.

Caller: “There is a dog trapped in his cage. His leg is ripped open. He’s bleeding. He’s hanging halfway out. It’s a pit bull. There is blood all over him.

When officers arrived, they say the dog was shaking in fear and from the cold. They say Tinker was all alone, half in a cage, bleeding. His paw was wrapped in a ragged blanket, and they didn't see any food or water. At the time, the temperature was below freezing.

“The report states that they believe the lady was gone for days and left the dog out there. Thank God somebody called it in and we can get the dog its way to good health again,” said John Onatz, Warren City animal control officer.

Police say the dog’s owner is Marketa Jackson. When she came home, a police report says she told officers she worked a double shift and spent time with her boyfriend. Charges have been filed against her.

“You just don’t do that to a dog like that. You don’t leave your house, come up with one story after another why the dog’s on a porch in a small age with no adequate shelter in 29 degrees with no food or water,” Onatz said.

Tinker will remain in the care of AWL throughout the court proceedings.

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