How VMware Is Using AWS To Strengthen Its Cloud Offerings

Even so, there is one area where Google’s enterprise cloud proposition has previously been weighed and found wanting by analysts – what it can offer organisations on the hybrid cloud front.

“Google’s strategy has lacked a focus on hybrid cloud and, specifically, addressing the needs of many customers who want consistent services on-premise and in the public cloud,” said Nicholas McQuire, vice-president of enterprise research at IT analyst house CCS Insight.

Particularly as, for many enterprises, the move to public cloud is unlikely to be an “all-in” affair, at least initially, because there will undoubtedly be workloads and applications they will need to keep running in on-premise datacentres for some time to come.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the IaaS market leader, has had a hybrid cloud play for some time now through its technology tie-up with virtualisation giant VMware, which is designed to make it easier for enterprises to migrate vSphere-based datacentre workloads into its public cloud.

So, too, has Microsoft in the form of its Azure Stack. This setup allows enterprises to run its public cloud services within their own datacentres so they can shift workloads between their on- and off-premise environments with greater ease.

At Google Cloud Next, however, the firm finally lifted the lid on how it plans to help enterprises that are struggling to marry up their public cloud plans with their longstanding, on-premise datacentre commitments through the roll-out of its Cloud Services Platform (CSP).

During the Google Cloud Next opening keynote, Google’s vice president of technical infrastructure, Urs Hölzle, made the case for why the CSP is needed by alluding to the challenges faced by enterprises when trying to manage workloads across multiple clouds and on-premise environment.

 “We know cloud gives you unprecedented reliability, flexibility, scalability and performance… but cloud computing is still missing something – a simple way to combine the cloud with your existing, on-premise infrastructure or other clouds,” said Hölzle. “In fact, the industry has moved in the opposite direction to that – and that’s a problem.

“Cloud providers do things their own way and they often differentiate in areas that aren’t really differentiated. They are just different – so it might be about specifying permissions or setting up a virtual machine or network or any number of ordinary tasks, but all of these are different in different clouds. And that creates a lot of unnecessary complexity and work, and it’s getting worse.”

This is particularly so as the number of enterprises moving to adopt multi- and hybrid cloud strategies continues to grow, he said.

“As an IT owner, we have too much to do,” said Hölzle. “All of this is hard enough in a single environment, but in a hybrid environment – the way most companies work – you have to do everything several times, once for each environment, each with its own rules.”

As a result, the CSP is designed to help simplify the management of applications and workloads for enterprises that are running on-premise and public cloud environments concurrently, and comprises an integrated set of services, spanning cloud management, serverless and developer tools.

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How VMware Is Using AWS To Strengthen Its Cloud Offerings


How VMware Is Using AWS To Strengthen Its Cloud Offerings