Ford Focus RS 2016 Review

The good news here is that Ford has figured out the problem and it’s admitting it to the world. It’s taking responsibly for the issues that have plagued the 2.3-liter Ecoboost engine in the Focus RS. That’s a good first step. The next step, however, is a lot trickier. It’s determining the cause of the issue. To that end, Ford has yet to identify why the problem is manifesting itself, even on cars that have as little as 6,000 miles on them.

For now, a spokesman for Ford said that the automaker is already working hard on finding a repair program that can address the issues. It didn’t elaborate on the details of this program so there’s no telling how long that’s going to take. For now, Ford is advising owners of 2016 and 2017 Focus RS models to stay vigilant in case the symptoms manifest on their cars. In the event that they do, the Ford spokesman said that “customers should visit their dealer for an inspection and repair under warranty.”

2016 Ford Focus RS – Driven - image 718797 2016 Ford Focus RS – Driven - image 718797

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