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The trends in ecommerce are tremendously dynamic in nature and the industries related to ecommerce are growing exponentially. Today, more than 11% of online buyers shop with tablets or smartphone on a regular basis and around 40% of online buyers are stimulated by the social media posts or platforms. With the ecommerce market increasing exponentially, Infiniti has listed ecommerce trends you should not ignore in 2018 to boost your ecommerce business.

According to the analytics experts at Quantzig, “Ecommerce industry is definitively moving on a positive path of growth.”

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Ecommerce trends you should not ignore in 2018

  • Rule of social media: Social media will rule 2018 with the growing impact of Pinterest and Instagram. Ecommerce trends like this help in introducing customers to new products every day without even letting them know are thrilling. This medium will offer a perfect landscape to the retailers to display their products to the targeted customers in the ecommerce industry. So, you must enhance your social media post in case you haven’t because this is going to attract a good amount of traffic for your business in the coming days.

  • Lots of voice search: At present, technology has, in a way, made people very lazy when it comes to typing their likings on the Internet. They just want their job done by searching through their voice. Also, voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa Echo have made the job easy for the customers. So, enhancing your online ecommerce store for voice search is going to be one of the new ecommerce trends for 2018.

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  • Automation and chatbots: Present day, Facebook Messenger has more than 1.3 billion users and this makes it totally valid to use chatbots to market your products, services, and endorse your sales. There are some organizations which have already started using chatbots for taking an order. If it suits your business, it would be a good idea to use similar chatbots while it’s still an open ground. In the upcoming years, this could become a typical way of ordering, and lose some of its current innovation power. Such ecommerce trends are certainly going to bring about a revolution in the business.

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Ecommerce Trends You Should Not Ignore In 2018| Quantzig


Ecommerce Trends You Should Not Ignore In 2018| Quantzig