Drunk Backpacker Woke Up On Roof

" ... like this morning, the NT Fire and Rescue Service [were] called out to (no not a kitty cat stuck up a tree) a backpacker stuck up on a roof after the `Gee-Eyed' male decided this was a good place for a kip."

He told AAP "gee-eyed" was "Irish slang for blind drunk, basically".

Emergency Services and a long ladder helped the man down from the roof on Tuesday morning.

The man told police he had no idea how he got up there, Senior Sergeant Smith said.

"It's got to give you a giggle but we've also got to be serious, we're talking about a very intoxicated person who has no recollection of climbing up to a very high place and falling asleep, he could have fallen and injured himself or a pedestrian," he said.

Source : http://www.smh.com.au/national/drunk-backpacker-rescued-from-darwin-roof-20160712-gq3thl.html