Children Learn About Reptiles And Amphibians


Introducing reptiles to children can be a bit tricky. The Science and Discovery Center offers a hands on camp all about reptiles and amphibians.

During the camp kids get to meet desert, aquatic and tropical animals.

"It's so important to us that reptiles are appropriately demonstrated to the public as animals that are not scary. we tell our children that just because they have scales doesn't mean scary," Reptile Curator Kira Bourdeshaw said.

Helping kids understand reptiles aren't all that scary.

"To be able to meet these animals first hand, to be able to touch them, to be able to see them interacting, to be able to see them eating and all of the things the children need to be able to acclimate the idea that reptiles are indeed not scary," Bourdeshaw said.

"One day these very children are going to be in charge of saving our eco-systems, protecting habitats for animals like this," Bourdeshaw said.

It's an opportunity to show kids the importance of respecting all animals.

If you want to get up close and personal to reptiles and amphibians, every Thursday the Science and Discovery Center will have a demonstration with some of the animals.

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Children Learn About Reptiles And Amphibians


Children Learn About Reptiles And Amphibians