Cardi B Says She Is \'\'Sick And Tired\'\' Of Nicki Minaj\'s Fans Amidst Song Leak

Disclaimer: I have never taken Nicki Minaj seriously as a rap artist, so this will be extremely biased.

So Remy didn’t have to do any of that. The trajectory of everyone’s Saturday changed after Remy Ma released “SHEther” a scathing scathing scathing diss towards white women’s favorite hip hop industry puppet, Nicki Minaj. Now, back in the day when the millennium turned, you heard about disses by word-of-mouth. Niggas called you on the phone or you heard about it on the radio. Now, I had to wake up and see people tweeting about how mad Nicki was at Trey Songz. After a brief moment of internet sleuthing (or scrolling down my timeline with one swipe), I had discovered the culprit. Remy had decided to grab the instrumental for one of hip-hop’s most iconic diss tracks and tear Nicki Minaj several new assholes about everything people have insulted Nicki on twitter about. And then some.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with rap beef that involves diss tracks. When niggas start dissing each other, I turn into Jim Ross and throw on the “What in Tarnation” hat. I used to go to Patapsco Flea Market with my dad and practically beg for the Street Warz mixtapes. I’d sit home and listen to regionally popular rappers diss each other with the glee of a fat baby.

Overall, Remy’s diss was astounding. You could say the flow left much to be desired, but it meant little if you cared for what she was saying. Some of the things she said wasn’t worth caring for, though (“Rem Belushi: I’m a Ghostbuster, bitch” Why). Remy is no Pusha T, but Remy isn’t about finesse with her bars. When she steps into the booth, she is essentially Sandor Clegane in heels and a waist trainer. Let’s see where Remy Ma’s savagery reaches it’s most savagerest.

“Her name Minaj, right? She ain’t throw you some bad thots?” He said “Nah”.

She opens up by taking shots at her ass, which was to be expected, but the first bomb came when Remy brought Meek into it. She claims that Meek said he couldn’t beat for a quarter of a year because her ass shots went awry. “Wow. Did she suck your meat up heartily? Did she provide you with some hoes to help you nut?” Remy inquired. “Nah”, Meek responded meekly.

“Left your day one cuz you heard he was on some cheat shit/ Then got with the dude that told you on some creep shit”

Remy transitions into slandering Nicki for her romantic dealings that overshadowed her career, bringing up Safaree, Meek and Drake in chronological order. When Nicki first got with Rahmeek, Nicki’s sudden interest in couple photos was commented on by black twitter at large. At the time, niggas didn’t know that Meek the Sneak had gained Nicki through underhanded dirty macking. For Nicki to play into such would cause some to question her judgment, but at the time Meek was less of a clown then Safaree so no one was tripping. Like, could you imagine going back in time 4 years and telling yourself Safaree would be less fun to make fun of than Meek Mill?

Fast forward to 2017 and Nicki finally let everyone know that she was single. After showing Meek off like a puppy and standing by his side as he took some of the worst Ls in hip hop since Young Berg was alive, she couldn’t take it anymore. She was so happy to be free that she couldn’t wait to go post a pic on instagram of her and Drake being besties again. It was the type of petty move that bougie women commit where everyone knows it’s shady, but it can’t be physically proven. Remy has peeped this and shamed her for it, as married women are wont to do. Listen, Remy has more pull in this beef than niggas might think, but I’ll get to that later.

“Been through mad crews. You disloyal hoochie/ Now alla sudden you back with Drake and Tunechi/ After he said you sucked his dick, you back with Gucci?/ Who next; Puff, Deb or Fendi? You an A-list groupie”

Nicki has been accused of fucking her way to the top, but once she made it to the top, she easily brushed them off with “Men always say that about rich women”. Denying that she has sex with the men she knows has actually become a core facet of Nicki’s feminism. It’s one of her favorite talking points along with claiming that she raps like Tim Gunn on good cocaine because she doesn’t have to be sexy for men. She has gotten in the booth and spit bars about how she has Lil Wayne and Drake in the friend zone enough for it to become debatable now. In Gucci’s infamous twitter rant, he claimed that he and Waka Flocka ran a G on her for fun which Nicki vehemently denies.

“Mentioning guns, you pussy galore, James Bond/ Only time you touch a trigger is when you fucked Trey Songz/ Cokehead! You cheated on your man with Ebro/ I might leak the footage of you sniffing them ski slopes/”

I’m going to ignore the King of the Dot delivery of that James Bond line and focus more on Nicki’s sex life, if you don’t mind. Now, I missed the Trey Songz thing the first time I heard it. Apparently, the rumor that Trey Songz clapped her artificial cheeks has been around for a while, but Remy Ma aggressively insists that this is more likely than Nicki shooting people.

I didn’t catch the Ebro line the first or second time I heard it. Not too long after the release of this diss, Nancy Drews of twitter went and found an instagram post from 2013 where Nicki Minaj was hanging out with Ebro drunk. Does this lend credence to the claims? Not as much as Nicki attacking Trey Songz, the crooning manwhore, but not the married and bearded radio jockey.

“I’m supposed to be scared cuz you brought your barbie chain back?/ I’ll revert to Ante Up and get your Barbie chain yapped”

I see a good majority of internet users don’t know bout Remy. To these angsty gay teenagers and 20-somethings that don’t realize they’re Littles, Remy is some mean dark-skinned criminal that started picking on Nicki. In reality, Remy was one of Nicki Minaj’s idols. Fat Joe brought Remy Ma on to Terror Squad and she immediately began to impress niggas the way she impressed him. If you pay attention to rap, you know New York niggas are not easy to impress.

She had become such a force that she was invited on the remix of “Ante Up”, the Brooklyn equivalent of “Knuck If You Buck”. After being the only feature on Fat Joe’s “Lean Back”, she had also released the single “Conceited” where she says “Yeah, I got a little fat but my shorty told me that he like it like that”. It became an anthem for cute girls with muffin tops everywhere. Remy was picking up steam, but unfortunately a gun went off and shot a woman while Remy was there and then she went to jail for it. If Remy hadn’t been punished for a shooting that she may or may not have been involved in, Nicki probably would’ve been imitating her instead of Lil Kim.

Lol no, everybody imitates Lil Kim. I was joking.

“Only the kids believe in you. You St. Nick/ Now when I shoot Nick @ Nite, they won’t understand it/ I’m wilding out, bout to hit Nick with the Cannon”

I just appreciate Remy going full Fight Klub rap batttle with the bars, effectiveness be damned.

“How you on the VMAs acting like you hood?/ Way across the stage talking bout ‘Miley, what’s good’/ That’s Hannah Montana, she was always happy/ You only fronted on Mariah cuz Mariah don’t carry/ Tried to disrespect Taylor cuz Taylor wasn’t swift enough/ Pillsbury Doughgirl, Remy pick the biscuit up”

Remy basically goes “Nicki, what’s good?” by calling her out for only picking fights with two and a half white women. She did beef with Lil Kim, but the Nicki/Kim beef has always been weird. Like, Kim was all about it early on, but Nicki avoided her for a while. Eventually Nicki started sending shots back once she felt famous enough, but Lil Kim was too busy getting surgery to look like a puppet of a lion. They were never really on the same page. In this beef, however, Remy found Nicki’s page and drew dicks on it and scratched out letters in words so they spelled “ho”.

“You named yourself Nicki Lewinsky, the mind of a rookie/ cuz you was sucking his dick and now he tired of your nookie/ you claimed you never fucked Drake, now that’s when you took me/ You fucked the whole Empire. What you tryna be Cookie?”

Now, the Nicki Lewinsky thing should have always been a moderately red flag. Like, a rose pink flag. It seems like one of those things you do like when you fuck one of your followers and tweet a little sub so they know you thinking about that shit y’all did. After also referencing Drake, Remy then brings it together with a nicely placed Empire reference that Lee Daniels will surely have Taraji bring up in the next episode.

“And stop talking numbers/ you signed a 360 deal through Young Money, through Cash Money, through Republic/ which means your money goes through 5 niggas before you touch it/ Any videos, promotions come out of your budget/Endorsements, touring merchandise, they finger fuck it/ You make like 35 cents off of each ducket”

If you’ve been a fan of rap, you should know this type of shit by now and understand why there’s an underground. Rappers have always been more candid about how label dealings work than other artists, as of late. Major labels turned rap into this money-praising blingfest and provided rappers with the props for their facade without actually taking care of the artists. It’s why Tyga can have a Ferrari and a mansion in a video but get exposed by TMZ for using his girlfriend’s money to buy her birthday gift. You could blame this all on white men in suits, but Tyga and Nicki Minaj’s bosses are black men who are partnered with white men in suits. Baby is a well-known miser when it comes to paying his artists, so it isn’t difficult to assume that Nicki has also been affected by his lack of financial concern. I mean, Nicki not even a shirtless, tatted up dreadhead, so Baby not even thinking about her.

Nicki might not have heard the diss, though, because she immediately googled “Remy Ma disappointing” and screencapped some sales figures. The article she found clearly says “in sales only”, leaving out the streaming statistics that popular artists have to live on. She also forgot to mention Remy Ma getting a grammy nod while Nicki was teaching Meek how to pronounce fashion brands.

“But you point your fingers at me? I’m the bad girl?/ And she the one out here misleading the black girls/ All these fake asses influenced by that girl/ Dying from botched surgeries, what a sad world/”

Papoose: Baby you gotta bring up her negative influence on black girls.

Remy: But Meek just text me and said she fucked Soulja Boy, too.

Papoose: See, this is what I’m talking about, queen. You gotta balance out all of this slut-shaming with something that little girls can take from this.

Remy: I guess, nigga. You sound like a pussy.

Papoose: I love you, too, baby. *goes back to making spaghetti*

“And I got a few words for the moms of the young Barbz/ Guess who supports a child molester? Nicki Minaj/ You paid for your brother’s wedding, that’s hella foul/ How you spend money to support a pedophile?/ He a walking dead man, sending threats to him/I guess that’s why they call you Barbie, you was next to Ken/ You talking bout your money long and your foreign sick/ Why you ain’t help your bro hide his cum from forensics?”

Jesus Christ, Reminisce. Of all of the alleges and claims in this diss, bringing up Nicki’s disturbed brother was the most damning. Nicki’s brother being a pedo was already discussed online, but was soon forgotten because Nicki was famous enough. She had made her illuminati sacrifice, so nothing can touch her. However, nothing can protect Nicki from Remy. Nicki tried to bring Beyonce into this and the Beyhive swarmed in her name, like sand protecting Gaara from one of Naruto’s dumb ass punches.

From what I’ve seen in America, giving pedophiles a fair shake is a Caucasian past time. I’ve watched Yakubians compare pedophilia to alcoholism and claim that freedom of speech means guys should be allowed to talk about fucking kids unharmed. The way myself and people I know have grown up, pedophilia is extremely frowned upon in black communities (Not Ephebohilia, but that’s for another thinkpiece). Like, if it is discovered that someone in the neighborhood had definitely touched a kid or two, he was getting jumped. I seent it. It goes as far as the prisons, with men that harm children finding no quarter once knowledge of their crime has spread. Connecting Nicki to a pedophile after bringing up her influence on little girls was some assassin level rap beefing on Remy’s part.

“Meek, Drake, Safaree, I see men in your pants/ We call that Jelani, get it? Semen in your pants”

The lead up was corny and I didn’t get it, but after reading a terrible Billboard article, I learned Jelani is Nicki’s brother. Apparently, the child molester claims became prominent when information came out stating that they found his nut on a 12 year old’s pants. Now that’s OD. Nicki paid for that man wedding.

“I got trigger fingers, you got bitter fingers/ You must think you Drake and I’m Twitter Fingers/ VH1 watch this:/ You just got bodied by a Love & Hip Hop bitch/”

Remy then closes out her 6 minutes of verbal flame-throwing with a reference to Nicki’s biggest fan and herself being on Love & Hip Hop. Love & Hip Hop is considered the dregs of black celebrity, where washed up rappers and professional video vixens go to throw drinks on each other. However, Love & Hip Hop picked up steam with the rise of Joseline Hernandez, bringing Cardi B up from the D-leagues and, of course, adding Remy Ma. She had no problem with using it to self-deprecate and shame Nicki, as Drake did Meek with his penchant for singing.

Also, lol @ Remy calling Meek “Twitter Fingers” after telling everybody he gave her intel.

So now the game is afoot and Nicki’s only responses have been screencaps and being feisty at Trey Songz. It may be smarter for Nicki to not release a diss, to be honest. Remy Ma came out of prison in rare form and she’s also in a position that gives her more support with women. Women are important to this beef and moreso than men since niggas just saying shit like “they both thick as fuck”. When white bloggers caught wind of Nicki being attacked, they wrote their thinkpieces faster than they could think. As a result, black women with twitter checks immediately told them to mind their goddamn business. Reagan Gomez-Preston, Quinta Brunson and even my fairy blogmother Luvvie Ajayi did the internet equivalent of holding strangers back and saying “Nah, let them fight”.

Nicki Minaj’s “I’m the Queen” gimmick with no work ethic or a worthy king became tiresome for most. Remy Ma came out of jail, which is practically the lowest o the low, and straight home to a man that had her back. A husband. This husband supported her nonstop upon release and she ended up on television, got a hit song with her “bro” and a Grammy nomination as a result. To top it all off, she allowed Love & Hip Hop cameras to capture one of Remy and Papoose’s darkest moments as Remy found out she couldn’t naturally conceive. I spent a brief amount of time working for a foundation that focused on fertility in women of color and I think people underestimate how much of an issue it really is. Black folks are very serious about their family and children, despite what rampant stereotypes about baby mamas and child support may purvey. It was very big of Remy to share an event like that on a TV show like Love & Hip Hop, but it may help her in the long run. I mean, shit, Nicki’s fans are desperately encouraging her to bring it up in a diss track because it’s like the only thing they’re pretty sure can hurt Remy Ma. We’re gonna find out what hurts Nicki if she wanna listen to her goofy 10-year old fans.

See, Remy set this up perfectly. There’s no position more advantageous for a woman to shit on other woman than in a marriage. A woman could say “A man putting a ring on your finger doesn’t increase your worth” and a married woman will chime in with “That’s what unmarried bitches say”. And it would be one thing if Papoose was your typical ain’t shit rapper nigga, but he’s the most supportive and loving husband in the world. The nigga started a brand of hats that say “Black Love” just so they could wear it. With her husband, her fans and a history of hurting women lyrically and (allegedly) physically, Remy Ma has made herself the clear favorite in what is sure to be the shortest rap beef of the 2000s.

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Cardi B Says She Is \'\'Sick And Tired\'\' Of Nicki Minaj\'s Fans Amidst Song Leak


Cardi B Says She Is \'\'Sick And Tired\'\' Of Nicki Minaj\'s Fans Amidst Song Leak