Cabaero: Sotto���s Request

LINES create borders meant to confine space. Ironically enough, lines can also be used to do the exact opposite as they can also escape boundaries created. The intention to limit or to free the canvas is all up to the hand of the artist that summons the value of lines and space. For Gary Custodio, he uses this tool to expand a seemingly limited space.

To show Cebu the beauty of lines and the visual experience it provides, Custodio launched his exhibit “Expandable” in Qube Gallery on May 12. The exhibit will be up for viewing until June 2.

Custodio sees lines as tools that create fundamentally sound structures. Having a background in architecture, Custodio’s art mainly focuses on construction and not merely aesthetics. Now, Custodio uses lines and space in abstraction which creates an enthralling visual experience to the viewers as it shows the fundamental function of lines strategically placed.

The artist’s process reveals the intricacy in creating one artwork. Custodio involves problem-solving techniques to map out the placement of every line to open the boundaries of the canvass. In addition, Custodio admitted that he intentionally avoided the measurement of 13 inches in the length of any lines that he creates.

In comparison, Custodio’s views on the art industry reflect his art as he sees that boundaries need to be overcome for an artist to truly thrive. One of these boundaries is geography. Unlike those who think that the National Capital Region can sustain artists better, as a regional artist who thrives successfully in his craft in Kalibo, Aklan, Custodio believes that artists outside of Manila have a more breathing space. According to him, artists can think more and have ample time to focus on the process of painting away from the distractions that the metropolis offers.

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