Brasil Busca Fin Al Karma De Los Favoritos En Rusia

Moroccan security officers entered Melilla on at least one occasion last week to arrest and take back a group of sub-Saharan immigrants who had made it over the fence that divides the Spanish exclave from the North African nation, an NGO said Monday.

A video released by the Prodein non-profit organization shows images of immigrants who had been picked up between a Muslim cemetery in Melilla and the local temporary migrant shelter just hours after an attempt by groups of sub-Saharans to illegally cross the security barriers.

There have been reports in the past few weeks that Spanish security forces, including Civil Guard agents, have been handing over some migrants to their Moroccan counterparts. But this is the first time there has been video evidence showing Moroccan security forces crossing into the exclave to retrieve sub-Saharans with the help of Spanish authorities.

NGO Prodein's video showing the Moroccan officers crossing the border. / Vimeo

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