Black Ice Sends Man Sliding Down Driveway

One Virginia man was placed in a battle for balance as he left his home and stepped onto an ice-coated driveway that sent him skating until he crash-landed at the other end.

Tim Besecker, of Ashland, Virginia, was heading to his office on a recent cold morning when he walked into his driveway, which was (unknowingly to him) covered with black ice. With a single step, the oblivious Besecker slid onto the asphalt and lost his balance, but was miraculously able to rise to his feet—only to then be sent hurtling down the rest of the sloped pathway.

As a Facebook video shows, he desperately tries to regain his composure but ends up shuffling his feet back and forth repeatedly until he falls right next to his mailbox.

“I hit some black ice there, and uh, it just kind of got a little chaotic at that point,” Besecker told NBC Washington. “I was along for the ride.”


The hilarious incident was caught on camera by Besecker’s home security system, which may have remained private until Besecker’s wife, Kelly Besecker, posted the footage to Facebook on January 9. Since it was published, the video has received 185,000 likes and has been viewed a whopping than 48 million times.

He is fine. This thing is going viral. I cannot stop laughing

— Kelly Besecker (@BeseckerKelly) January 9, 2018

According to news station WTVR, parts of Virginia were blanketed with sub-zero temperatures during the first week of January, and black ice in the area caused dozens of accidents and school closures. Black ice is a thin coat of highly transparent ice that blends in with road pavements, according to the Weather Channel. The ice itself is not actually black, but looks it due to the pavement beneath.

Dozens of people have commented on social media about how funny Besecker’s footage is, and some have reached out to ask about how the man himself is doing.

“He is fine,” Kelly Besecker tweeted to a commenter. “This thing is going viral. I cannot stop laughing.”

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