Black Mirror Season 4 Release Date Revealed

“Black Mirror” Season 4 is coming out ... eventually. Despite releasing the fifth trailer for the new episodes over the weekend, Netflix has yet to reveal a release date. However, there is reason to believe the drama will be starting sooner rather than later.

The Netflix anthology series, which started on the British network Channel 4 in 2011, is in the middle of a promotional campaign on social media. The “13 Days of Black Mirror” have given fans something new from Season 4 each day. First they release a poster for an episode, followed by a trailer the next day. It’s almost perfect because it’s a six-episode season.

Posters and trailers take up 12 days, so what will come on the final day? Many viewers believe that there will be a surprise release of Season 4 on Wednesday, Dec. 6. Others think that Wednesday is just when the premiere date will be revealed. Either way, it seems like Dec. 6 is a day that will be important to “Black Mirror” fans.

Black Mirror Season 4 release date rumors “Black Mirror” Season 4, which will include a “Star Trek”-inspired episode, still does not have a premiere date. Photo: Netflix

Wednesday is also the day that the embargo for advanced reviews of the new “Black Mirror” episodes will lift, according to Heavy. Typically, embargoes are lifted before a show actually premieres, which lends weight to the theory that Wednesday is just when the premiere date will be revealed.

Netflix differs with its policies regarding review embargoes for each TV show. Reviews for “The Punisher,” which debuted on Nov. 17, were forbidden from being published until four days ahead of the premiere. “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” allowed reviews to release nine days ahead of the release date. “The Defenders,” Marvel Television’s big superhero team up, allowed writers to publish reviews on July 24, weeks ahead of the Aug. 18 release date. So the embargo lifting doesn’t indicate a specific release date. However, it likely hints at the series is coming out within the next month.

Though Netflix has yet to make an announcement, British film magazine Empire also reported that the series would be released in December. While the print magazine is a reputable source, Deadline reported last month that the series would premiere in 2018.

If the December theories are true, the drama will likely be released on a Friday. It could be this Friday if they want to really surprise fans. However, Dec. 22 might also be a good release date. Many people will be spending the following week at home or on vacation from work, giving them the perfect opportunity to binge-watch. Then again, the 15th or 29th could also easily function as release dates. Unfortunately, we just don’t have clues about which specific date is most likely.

It seems pretty reasonable to believe that “Black Mirror” Season 4 will come out before 2017 ends, but fans will have to wait for confirmation from Netflix before they can officially mark their calendars.

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Black Mirror Season 4 Release Date Revealed


Black Mirror Season 4 Release Date Revealed

Black Mirror Season 4 Release Date Revealed


Black Mirror Season 4 Release Date Revealed