Africa: LIVE TW\'8 2018 Manifesto

African Women Call for Action, during First Regional Virtual Dialogue Series on Human Development, Digital Inclusion and Women's Empowerment

LIVE TW'8, the first regional virtual dialogue series on "Human development, Digital Inclusion and Women's Empowerment" hosted by the Inter'Actes-MadameDigital platform during the month of March 2018, targeted 17 African countries, to generate lead discussions aimed at raising the voices of individuals, men and women, committed to finding solutions for a more equitable society where women and girls can reach their full potential in Africa.

Reaching over 1.5 million users on open access via the social media platform, Twitter, the countries taking part included: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Kenya, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, Senegal, Togo, and the special participation of Sierra Leone.

"Women are the backbone of #agriculture in Africa - they already are. The issue here is how we can overcome the usual barriers and perceptions about women being seen in the foreground as the movers, doers, shakers" wrote Jemila Abduali, panelist from Ghana during the LIVE TW'8. The key recommendations, as well as the call for action, issued during the three LIVE TW'8 sessions were captured and articulated around eight strategic orientations, in a document titled "LIVE TW'8 2018 Manifesto": To access the Manifesto, click here

In 2017 that social networks became a predominant platform for women around the world to voice their call for an end to sexual violence, sexism, the culture of harassment and femicides, and to denounce the persistence of inequalities between women and men.

In Africa, this massive liberation of the freedom of expression via digital platforms contrasts with the treatment of such topics by traditional media (often in the form of news items), allowing for greater openness to debates, and greater access to public spaces for journalists, activists, minorities and other vulnerable groups, irrespective of gender, ethnic or religious considerations.

One of the preexisting conditions that made this happen was the anonymity of the Internet users. But today, on social media platforms, women speak on their own behalf to give strength to their stories.

Through this Manifesto, emanates the will and commitment to push forward advocacy for human development, inclusion and the empowerment of women and girls across Africa, within communities and the ecosystems in which they evolve.

"The Live Tw'8 Manifesto is an instrument which is expected to appeal to all, including the primary beneficiaries, women and girls, as well as policy makers, so to take into account, without intermediaries, the concerns, realities and solutions proposed by women themselves, through their own voice, stated "Mariam Tendou Kamara, Director and Founder of the Inter'Actes-MadameDigital platform.

The Inter'Actes-MadameDigital virtual dialogues aims to capitalize on digital influence and its impacts, as an advocacy tool and lever for action to elevate the voices of African women and girl, while showcasing engaged action and innovative citizen engagement across regions and countries.

The dialogues, were hosted with the support of several institutions and partners (UNFPA, UNESCO, ALL Africa Global media group, Happy in Africa, WAFRICA-Women of Africa, MOREMI Initiative, the Boardroom Africa and WIA-Women in Africa Initiative).

Note to Editors

Live Tw'8, first regional virtual dialogue series of the genre, is organized as a virtual open round-table, moving the traditional physical panel-discussion formats to virtual social networking platforms, via open access and live on social media platforms.

Presented by Inter'Actes on the occasion of the International Women's Day 2018, the inaugural sessions of the Live Tw'8 targeted 17 African countries with three panels around eight thematic issues. 36 women took active part as panelists, guest speakers and moderators. For

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Inter'Actes-MadameDigital is a platform for advocacy, dialogue, training and networking for women, aimingto connect and boost women and girls in their professional and personal development through networking, coaching and training. Inter'Actes was launched in 2016, in Dakar, Senegal, initially with a pilot phase aimed at promoting women's entrepreneurship in the digital economy.

To date, the platform has launched the Elles'Coaching Training Program, the series of physical and virtual dialogue sessions, and the ongoing campaign of MadameDigital, SheGoesDigital and MademoiselleDigital. To read more click here

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