A New Diet To Help Your Overweight Cat Get Healthy

Thanks for your information, and I totally agree that canned/ wet food is more appropriate to hopefully prevent diseases. Your comment about mousers was cut, made me laugh!

A cat owner must also be careful at feeding prescription diets even though recommended by the Vet; READ THE LABEL TO SEE THE INGREDIENTS.

At the age of 14/years my Cat died of Lymphoma which is a intestinal Cancer. Initially the Vet recommended Science Diet Y/D, to control her Hyperthyroidism and it did;.. however the food contained a high amount of Cellulose which is a indigestible fiber and it was also dominated by Pig and Pig Liver. Pig is not usually in Pet food but this food I think possibly used it because of the foods unusual ingredients. My Cat also took about 3/hours to eat the food, whereas, I thought it was just a dislike of this unusual food, but after her getting intestinal Lymphoma Cancer I realized it was the hard to digesting of the food that made her take hours, she’d take one small nibble and then have to go lie down like a person with a stomachache. Whereas, previously during all her 13/years of living she’d eat all her food within 15 to 20/minutes, like a dog. And all her life I always fed her canned food and in the same amount as I later fed the prescription food, yet she took hours to eat the prescription food.

During the years after her death I read that Pig meat has larger fat cells then other meats and therefore harder on the digestion and since this prescription food also had the indigestible Cellulose (some people loosely call cellulose “wood”); I feel these ingredients exacerbated her weak intestines (prior to the Hyperthyroidism the Vet diagnosed her to have some degree of Pancreatitis and a little IBD which unfortunately she only gave her Cerenia to prevent vomiting, instead of treating) anyway, this indigestible food certainly further inflammed her weak intestines and increasing her IBD and/or Pancreatitis; IBD especially can develop into Lymphoma when the IBD is not properly treated and I later learned this Vet could have treated her IBD/Pancreatitis with the steroid Prednisolone which is specifically effective for treating that disease and most often used by Vets.

I even took my dear Cat every week to Chemotherapy for three months but she still died, it soon became apparent the Chemo was killing too much of her healthy cells while not really killing the Cancer which continued to progress. So, I also learned why some humans soon refuse to continue their Chemo, it truly is a poison that you only hope might kill the Cancer cells. It would have been better had I not continued the Chemo and instead just continued her on Prednisolone which was part of her treatment, this way she at least would of had a better quality of life for the few months she continued to live as well as been able to eat anything she would want.

I write all this just to give information to anyone whom can use it.

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A New Diet To Help Your Overweight Cat Get Healthy


A New Diet To Help Your Overweight Cat Get Healthy