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Over the summer, Taylor Swift earned widespread praise for the way she handled questions in court as she and a former DJ from Denver duked it out over whether he was at fault for groping her during a photo op. She won her countersuit, while his defamation suit against Taylor was tossed out by the judge. Now, Time is recognizing the singer as one of the "silence breakers" whose courage to speak out about sexual harassment and assault in a movement that ultimately took over much of 2017's major headlines. "When I testified, I had already been in court all week and had to watch this man's attorney bully, badger and harass my team including my mother over inane details and ridiculous minutiae, accusing them, and me, of lying," Taylor says in Time's Person of the Year issue. "My mom was so upset after her cross-examination, she was physically too ill to come to court the day I was on the stand. I was angry. In that moment, I decided to forego any courtroom formalities and just answer the questions the way it happened. This man hadn't considered any formalities when he assaulted me, and his lawyer didn't hold back on my mom -- why should I be polite? I'm told it was the most amount of times the word 'a--' has ever been said in Colorado Federal Court." Taylor also urges other victims to refuse to accept blame for situations in which they are harassed or assaulted -- or for waiting to come forward and tell someone about what happened. Finally, Taylor admits David Mueller never coughed up what he owed her for losing the case, which she has said she only brought as a means of creating awareness about why behavior like his is not acceptable. "When the jury found in my favor, the man who sexually assaulted me was court-ordered to give me a symbolic $1," she says. "To this day he has not paid me that dollar, and I think that act of defiance is symbolic in itself."

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