6 Reasons Why Blockchain Is Worth Getting Excited

Whether you’re the mother or part of her circle of extended family and friends, you’ve had nine months of anticipation and you just can’t wait to meet the little one.

You snap a photo and prepare to share the happy news online.

However, this woman learnt the hard way it’s always worth taking a second look before you actually hit “post”.

At first glance, the picture looks like an innocent snap of a newborn being held proudly by a woman in the delivery room.

She’s taken a selfie while dressed in scrubs and holding a freshly minted child who appears to have been born only minutes before.

There’s just one minor, teensy little detail she overlooked in the background.

(OK, so the image below is pretty confronting — brace yourself and keep scrolling only if you think you can deal with the full picture.)

Can you see what’s wrong with this photo?

Can you see what’s wrong with this photo?Source:Reddit

Yup, the child’s mother is lying in the background, legs wide open.

Source : http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/babies/this-newborn-photo-is-going-viral-for-the-wrong-reasons/news-story/6f3ed5c70a8b1d535bd7f3009dd2035c

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