Why Director X chose Future to follow in Curtis Mayfield's footsteps curating the ‘SuperFly’ soundtrack

In 1972, in the heyday of soul and funk, director Gordon Parks Jr. set out to find the perfect artist to encapsulate the energy of New York City for his first film, the blaxploitation classic "Super Fly." He found that artist in soul musician Curtis Mayfield.

‘SuperFly’: Director X on the Challenges of Releasing a Black Studio Film Post-‘Black Panther’

When Sony Pictures asked Director X to remake 1972 blaxploitation classic “Super Fly,” he had never seen the original. He had also never helmed a studio feature — just a 2015 indie (“Across the Line,” the story of an aspiring black hockey player ...

‘Superfly’ Review: A Great Cast Deserves Better Than This Entertaining But Extremely Flawed Remake

When Sony announced it was making a modern, Atlanta-set version of Super Fly (re-styling it as Superfly), it didn’t come as a surprise. We’re in the midst of a blaxploitation craze. Tons of film and television projects are in development based upon ...

Slick remake: ‘Superfly’ succeeds as stylish, action-packed thriller – with stereotypes intact

The mere existence of a “Superfly” reboot will undoubtedly give rise to criticism on a couple of fronts. Just about every male character in the predominantly African-American cast is a drug dealer, a gangster or a corrupt politician. Just about every ...

'Superfly' director on how making music videos for Drake and Rihanna taught him how to thrive in the Hollywood studio system

The director of "Superfly," Director X, is best known for his landmark music videos for artists like Drake ("Hotline Bling") and Rihanna ("Work"). But he's now taking the skills he learned making music videos and commercials to build a career in Hollywood.